Tips For a Lasting Denver Fitness Routine

It’s that introspective time of year when the crisp fall air gives way to cold winter winds – and we feel it. The daylight becomes more sparse while the warm indulgences of food, drink, family and friends become more plentiful.

With so many extra obligations – and so many tasty treats of the season – it's almost always our gym or fitness routines that get pushed way back ... to the back burner.

Instead of obsessing about how we'll be able to commit to our old routines amidst the madness, maybe it's just better to give into all this change and embrace something completely new?!

A new workout regimen, goal or schedule might be just what you need. Plus, a new approach can interject some fun and excitement back into something that may have become monotonous. AND, starting a new goal before the New Year also alleviates some of the dreaded pressure of those pesky resolutions. So why not put yourself ahead of the curve and get started a little early? Here are a few tips and reminders that can help you make this new routine a lasting one:

The Buddy System

One of the easiest things you can do to help you in creating a new routine is to grab a friend! New experiences are always a little easier to

tackle when they are shared with a buddy. Lucky for you, Awaken Bodyweight Fitness Facility in Denver is FULL of incredible people and meaningful connections are everywhere. Yet, sometimes walking in the door to something unfamiliar is the hardest part. (Just showing up is the most difficult part of any task). But November is the perfect time to take advantage of the $5 Drop-in Classes, so grab a friend who has been threatening (haha) to try it out, and be their introduction into the Awaken Tribe! Surrounding yourself with like-minded and supportive people is also a very important component in creating and maintaining new habits. Promising someone that you are going to join them also gives you an extra level of accountability, and is yet another tool in making your commitment a lasting one.

ALERT! Cal Reminders

Speaking of commitment, make one to yourself AND your health by

scheduling yourself right into your calendar! We are more than willing to schedule or even over-schedule our lives for the needs of others, but rarely do these obligations have much to do with our personal well- being. The Awaken Gym App makes it easy to plan ahead and schedule your week way ahead of time. Signing up for classes ahead of time puts the dedication to taking care of yourself in your mind and in your calendar. You can also set reminders ensuring that a busy week won’t let you drop the ball on your goals.

Identify Your Goals!

Another important key to success in starting a new routine is identifying your goals. Outcome-based goals such as, ”I want to lose 20 pounds,” or, “I want to fit back in those pants,” are valid. However,

identity-based goals such as, “I want to be the kind of person who takes care of themselves,” might be easier to accomplish, as they place more importance on WHO you are, not how you look. When your goals have more to do with your quality of life and long-term wellness they become part of your identity. Focusing on your gains in strength, flexibility, mobility and an inward sense of pride are incredible motivators for branching out and trying something new. Physical changes come from the consistency that mental growth provides, and self confidence is an incredible motivator.

So, whether you are looking to start a brand new fitness routine or just change up your current one, know that you already possess everything within yourself that you need, but we all need help sometimes – and a few reminders. The students, coaches and community at Awaken in Denver are always here to listen, motivate and work out with you so you can unlock more of your potential!

Take the colder months and upcoming holiday season as a chance to do something that will stick, and have lots of fun with bodyweight classes designed to make you strong and mobile for a full life of adventure ahead.

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