New Bodyweight Classes in Denver at Awaken this Fall!

We've had new GRAY classes on the schedule at Awaken Gym in Denver for a few weeks now, so if you haven't given them a try, get in on it!

Also, October is the perfect time to TEST into Gray – remember, Gray level students can still take all the Blue classes they desire, but challenge yourself, and work towards some skills you've been hankering after. Test in with any front desk associate or coach (remember to come 15 min early) and discuss your membership options with Tanya!

Look for these NEW classes on the schedule at Awaken:

Accelerated Rings

Elevate your ring work with these 50/50 machines that will allow you to feel each ring skill, like muscle-ups, body levers, flips, dips and more! This class will help you increase your upper body power while allowing you to feel the seamless movements of mastery while getting seriously strong and having fun.


This class is designed to help you find your own unique freedom in movement by teaching you how to pair different drills together using balance, body and spatial awareness. In combining upper and lower body drills and skills with inversions and balance, you’ll discover how your body can really play. You know you want to move-it, move-it!


Focus on specific elements needed to sustain a balanced line, regardless of the platform. We’ll play around with canes, blocks, parallettes and variations of upside down stamina builders. Here, you'll learn to master each skill building up to bigger gains like single arm handstands and other advanced techniques.

Press Handstand

Now that you’re comfortable upside-down, let’s create the show-worthy skills you’ve been dreaming of! This class is made for all things PRESS-worthy! From hollow back work to flexibility, straddle and pike positions, your handstand will never be the same. Now is the perfect time to get your PRESS on.

Weighted Mobility

Creating strength within the range of motion you’ve built up is key, which is why this class is so important! Put larger strength into your stretch and gain the extra inch you’ve been dying to reach. This class includes weighted spine mobility, side bends, loaded shoulder mobility and MUCH more.

FYI: Make sure to see the current schedule by ALWAYS signing up for classes ahead of time through the Awaken App via --->> iPhone or Androidto secure your spot!

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