Do You Need a Denver Personal Trainer to Reach Your Goals?

If you are as investigative as we are, we're sure you've caught yourself scrolling through the endless advice on the web when it comes to personal training in Denver. We will do our best to answer this question for you.

Humans are social creatures, and no matter how much Americans might aspire to rugged individualism, we can achieve our goals much more easily when someone cheers us on. That’s why everyone from CNN Money to the U.S. Department of Labor has predicted the industry of personal training to grow.

Some hire a trainer to help them reach health or fitness goals. Others want supervision to recover from an injury. Still others need a trainer to help them push past a plateau. In Denver, a city known for its fitness and health culture, personal trainers keep local athletes in peak performance. Most gym-goers pay a fee alongside regular membership.

Should I Hire a Personal Trainer?

If you’re thinking about hiring a personal trainer, you’ll want to consider not only your goals but also their background and training. Currently, there is no standard certification for personal trainers, and skills vary widely. Personal trainers often set their own rates, so you can’t guarantee quality simply from high cost. So what should you go on?

How Awaken is Different

At Awaken Gym, we believe that every student deserves personalized feedback. That’s why each time the gym is open, we are running focused classes that help you meet your goals—from nailing a perfect-line handstand to developing lower back flexibility through a strong bridge, Gymnastics requires a strong, solid foundation, so Awaken instructors offer real-time feedback on your form and movement to help you can build from no matter where you begin.

When you come to Awaken, your everyday classes feature the highest caliber training, so you don’t need to hire a personal trainer. Every membership at Denver’s Awaken Gym—whether a drop-in package or a 6-month commitment–includes this benefit!

You don’t have to wander among machines and kettlebells trying to figure out your own exercise. At Awaken Gym, our instructors give you clear guidance on how to reach your goals from the moment you walk onto the floor.

That said, if you are interested in taking a specific skill training further, our instructors do offer personal training. From handstands to side lever, from ring work to injury recovery, our instructors offer tailored programs that support your Gymnastics bodyweight training.

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Learn more about the insanely talented instructors and the wide range of classes that Awaken Gym offers.

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