Our BLUE Classes are the perfect place to start whether you are a complete beginners or athlete. Build your Foundational strength and mobility gradually. Both safe and effective, BLUE classes contain a mixture of strength, cardio, and mobility and do not require a test out. 

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BLUE Active Mobility

>> Activate Your Body and Bulletproof Joints

This class is for anyone serious about bulletproofing their joints and safely increasing their range of motion. Students will learn a scientific approach to flexibility that involves active muscle contractions in a variety of poses and positions. Show up ready to sweat ... and remember, cramping is expected, progress takes work!

BLUE Push/Pull 

>> Unleash Your Upper Body Power 

This class is all about gaining strength, muscle tone and power in your upper half! From Pulling exercises like pull-ups, chin-ups, rope climb and ring work to Pushing Exercises like push-ups, dips, and handstand push-up progressions, this class will be sure to get your upper half yoked! Sexy arms are in. 

BLUE Prehab Combo

 >> Maximize Your Time & Tone

This class takes elements from both Hip & Shoulder Prehab classes, and mixes them into 1 single hour session. This class is perfect for the student with limited time and is great to implement into your weekly routine. Here, we’ll prep the hips and shoulders for daily activity to maximize blood flow, and correct imbalances in these two areas affected by our modern lifestyle. 

BLUE Core Blast

>> Get Your Washboard Abs

Let’s BLAST your core into the best shape! Your core is the most important part of your body – it is the backbone that holds everything together (literally). In this class, we will spend the first portion focusing on strengthening the abs, glutes, hip flexors, and lower back muscles, and we'll end with stretching. Core endurance is just as important, so we will be working to improve that as well. This class is extremely important if you want to progress in your fitness journey while avoiding injury. Plus, when you have washboard abs, who needs laundry money?


BLUE Dynamic Stretch

>> Move Into A Flexible Body

Perfect for those who have gotten tight, this class effectively warms up and lengthens your muscles using a combination of strength and mobility exercises. The class will gradually take you through many techniques that will help to open up the entire body. You’ll start to notice mobility and strength gains after your first session.


BLUE Ignite

>> Lose Weight and Boost Your Heart Rate

Get ready to move and workout like never before! This FUN, circuit-style class will boost your heart rate, blast fat and sculpt muscle using scalable strength and mobility exercises. Class starts with a warmup, moves through a workout and then finishes with a nice stretch. Keep your body guessing by moving and adapting - avoid boredom in your workouts. Training has never been so effective and FUN!


BLUE Foundations

>> Bad Ass Skills Are Made Here

This class focuses on basic exercises that will help you gain strength for cool bodyweight skills that you see with our more experienced tribe members. We introduce basic anatomy, bodyweight terminology and tried-and-true shapes. This class helps to develop strong body awareness. Foundations class will also introduce students to exercises using the stall bar, rings, monkey bars, walls, and floor. 


BLUE Shoulder Prehab

>> A Sneak Peak Inside a Shoulder Prehab Class!

Upper body strength and mobility are essential for a well-rounded body. This class is dedicated to the shoulders and is the perfect way to build 360º strength and mobility in the upper body. In our modern-day, we use repetitive movement patterns such as driving, texting, and typing. As a result, we've developed immobile shoulders that are often the source of pain. Awaken has developed the only shoulder prehab class structure designed to correct imbalances in the ENTIRE shoulder girdle. These specifically designed movements will help sustain your other gym passions and overall health and wellness. 


BLUE Hip Prehab

>> Tighten, Tone and Unlock Your Lower Half 

This class is dedicated to the hips and lower body. Sculpt your physique and increase strength through an invigorating blend of hip circuits and hip mobility drills. Think small and controlled movements with high reps. Learn to be mobile and strong in multiple directions. Like all classes at Awaken, this workout relies heavily on bodyweight as resistance to tighten and tone and is perfect for runners, cyclists and weightlifters –  a must-have workout that aids in reversing repetitive movement patterns. 



>> Get Sweaty, Burn Calories, and Build Dynamic Power

It’s Leg Day! Get ready to increase both strength and mobility in your lower half with this class dedicated to the stealth of your stems. Legs Class is great for students of all skill levels and is sure to give your legs a full condition (and makeover). We’ll work the progressions to master cool feats that require greater lower body strength and mobility. A perfect class to prep you for your favorite outdoor activities.


BLUE Beginner Handstand

>> Solid Inversions Are Built Here

For the student who is still building confidence being upside-down or the yogi who wants to safely build a solid inversion, this class is for you! We know it can seem scary at first, but we will keep you inspired to move past your fears. With an emphasis on wrist and shoulder prep, hand placement and different techniques to build strength and confidence, you’ll start to feel more comfortable seeing the world upside down. Beginner Handstand gives you all the tools to take your position from a plank to a full-on handstand with proper form. Students will also learn how to spot their partner to help bring body awareness creating a fine looking line.


BLUE Handstand Conditioning

>> Turn Up the Heat from Head to Toes

This high-intensity class will challenge your handstand form, technique, and ENDURANCE. Expect lots of handstand drills that will leave you feeling the workout from head to toe. We also take time away from being upside-down to condition and strengthen the core, shoulders, legs, forearms, hands, and wrists, helping you build a foundation that can withstand high reps. This class is designed to move faster (get ready to get sweaty) to keep you feeling the effects of conditioning that will get your handstand solid in no time.


BLUE Flexibility

>> Stretch For Life and Gain Long-Term Health

Flexibility is the perfect class for everyone! As adults we all experience tightness and even pain which is the body telling us that it needs a little extra love and attention. This slow-paced class focuses on deep, timed stretching of not only your muscles but also your ligaments and joints. Since flexibility and mobility are integral to a strong gymnastics practice, and a pain-free life, every student (regardless of ability) should incorporate this class into their weekly routine. You will get a deep stretch like nothing you have felt before.


BLUE Beginner Rings

>> Find New Ways to PLAY

The perfect class for all students looking to gain substantial pulling strength while learning the basics of ring work. Cross-fitters will notice that this class helps them develop their muscle-up, and everyday adults will notice how STRONG they get with consistency. Expect a challenging experience that will have you seeing and feeling results in no time, while having fun and learning new skills.

BLUE Classes


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