Foundations. Building on Bedrock!

We have long since known the importance of a solid foundation for erecting buildings, from The Three Little Pigs to the biblical teachings of Matthew 7:24: “And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock.”

As much as everyone wants results NOW, this concept of gradually constructing a firm base applies to developing the human physique. At Awaken Gym, we help you develop a well-rounded and sustainable body.

The four steps to gaining incredible strength are as follows:





A Backwards Approach Most trainers and gyms jump headfirst into strength development with their clients. Whether this mistake is made out of ignorance or in an attempt to impress new exercisers, this is not the best starting point. Why is this traditional weight lifting path backwards, you ask? It comes down to two things: tissue regeneration rate and function. I’ll explain: Muscle tissue rebuilds after approximately 90 days, connective tissue approximately 200 days, and bone about every 2 years or so. Most people lack the mobility to orient their bodies into proper positions to train effectively and stay injury-free, so thinking about the relative time it takes to remodel the different tissues addressing mobility first makes logical sense. We can always tack on muscle later. Speaking from experience, once you improve mobility, your strength progress skyrockets!

All New Awaken Members Start HERE All brand-spankin’; new Awaken members start with the Foundations and Prehab classes to lay down the foundational groundwork to building something magnificent. Sure, you’ll get all the health benefits from exercise, but let’s face it, Bodyweight Strength skills are mighty impressive! Be prepared to build your best body in Denver using the best exercises for abs and every other body part as well as learn how to become flexible.

Join the Tribe Wonder where you can Start Training in Denver? Start with the BEST Colorado Workouts at Awaken Gym. We will get ya rolling on your $45 Two Week Starter Pack (includes 5 classes). We all start in the same place, but your work ethic, dedication, and most of all, consistency will amp up your progress. Come and train with the best at Awaken, Denver’s Best Gym.

Find the skills you thought were impossible and even learn to do a handstand in Denver while you are at it!

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