Give yourself the best Denver gift: The new YOU

Wrist Pushup Warmup in Advanced Handstand Class (photo credit Ehren Joseph)

This holiday season, do something different. Make the biggest commitment to the relationship that matters the most; the one you have with your body.

In the Denver fitness scene, there are so many options for gyms, yoga studios and fad fitness movements that it can be hard to discern which one would be a fit to get you feeling and moving at your prime.

When thinking about Denver workouts, ask yourself what it is you are looking for. Do you want something more than just a room with weights? Maybe you’d like to become part of a community that is driven to help you with your individual goals. There’s nothing quite like the knowledge and instructor attention in any other Denver gym than you get when you go to a class at Awaken gymnastic bodyweight training (located in the thriving Santa Fe Arts District), voted Denver’s Best Gym year in and year out.

There is a reason the social media videos and posts from Awaken Denver are so inspiring and almost look un-attainable. It’s because the instructors and programming will work with you to get your desired results, turning athletes and non-athletes alike into fiercely moving and strong folks. We all start at the bottom. Nobody is born with an athletic physique.

We are inundated, during the holiday season, with buying gifts for everyone else that we often forget about giving ourselves the love and attention we deserve. Your body only puts out what you put in. So when thinking about functioning at your prime and feeling the best, remember, your body is capable of much more than you are currently aware of. And the way we look and feel gives us not only strength and the ability to kick ass at all of our favorite Denver winter hobbies, but a well balanced and strong bod gives us confidence in all areas of our lives.

We want to look sexy for our partners or in the dating scene. We want to feel strong and capable when doing daily activities. We want to look good in sexy holiday lingerie. We want to impress those around us and in our social media worlds with cool tricks and accomplishments. Why is this? The human condition begs that we feel loved and validated. Not only do we want acceptance and compliments from those around us, but we also want to feel like we can do anything. I am worthy. I am attractive. I am desirable. I am not afraid.

The community and classes at Awaken Denver are setting the standard for the fitness industry. With a focus on balancing strength and flexibility, as well as the instructor knowledge that we all have different goals and body types, Awaken is a gem in the fit city of Denver. There is no better way to reveal the new you than putting in a little extra time and money into the body that will carry you through the often rough waters of this human experience. And it's important to remember that our accountability is directly tied to our pocketbooks. If you're offered something for free (free tickets to a Broncos game, a free membership to a Denver community gym, etc) we’re less likely to make it a priority. There is no accountability. A membership fee isn’t about wasting money every month; it's about making a commitment to your health and the fitness of your hot Denver body. It’s about saying ‘I’m paying for this, therefore I need to go’ and in turn, the results will be bigger than you could imagine.

Why gymnastic bodyweight training in Denver?

This video will break it down for you.

Make this holiday season about something bigger than goodies and trinkets. Make it about the newfound commitment you have with your body and your confidence. Challenge yourself, stand up to your fears, and see how life changes in monumental ways.

Being Denver strong means more than lifting a few weights when it fits into your schedule. Make a commitment to you, and make your Denver fitness journey a priority. You will not regret it, we promise.

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