Denver’s Best Workout: Gymnastic Bodyweight Training

Gymnastics Bodyweight Training: It's only scary if you never try

Did you ever notice how the things you’re most fascinated by (like gymnastic bodyweight training) are the things you’re most afraid to try?

Have you ever seen someone do something awesome and then they ask if you want to try and you’re like “Oh, no I’d suck at it” or “I’d fall on my face” or “I’ll leave that to the people who know what they’re doing”?

So often we limit ourselves and downplay our own potential because we can’t let go of comparison. If there’s something amazing we want to do, we hold back because it won’t look like perfection – especially not right away. It won’t be as cool because we have to start at the beginning with the less cool stuff, we’ll stumble and fall a few times, or a lot of times, and we’ll have to work at it, consistently. Our potential is limitless, especially in bodyweight training in Denver; ie think: Calisthenics and cool moves using the world around you to play and train in. You don’t need a perfect handstand to have a very improved handstand in Denver.

When we realize there’s a lot of work to be done to get where we want to go, we become scared of the journey. “It will take too long.” “I’ll never be as good as that.” “It’s too much work and I don’t think I can do it.”

It’s heartbreaking really, how many things we miss out on because of fear. And the crazy part? Our fear of failure is mental. Our bodies are capable of so much strength and skill, but we hold back on attaining that because we feed ourselves with negative self-talk, or we don’t want to put in the work. For example, doing a planche lean is very hard, but you can learn how to do at least a decent planche lean in Denver with a little bit of time and practice.

Did you watch the Olympics? I’ve always been excited about the summer games because I think gymnastics is the most fascinating sport and I’m endlessly inspired by the amazing things that are possible with the human body. It makes me want to do more with mine! So when I found a place in Denver that teaches adults how to do some of these amazing things – enter Awaken gymnastic bodyweight training – I was floored, and terrified!

There were so many unfamiliar movements and uncomfortable positions to get used to. (Try doing a single leg squat in Denver!) Some of them were uncomfortable at first. I wondered many times “Will I ever get used to this? Will this ever get easier?” And honestly, there are times I still say that. But the truth is that yes, some things have gotten easier and more “normal” as I’ve stuck with this challenging and exciting fitness venture. I’ve progressed to more advanced skills, my body has changed dramatically (which is a huge motivator in itself) and my practice has improved. But from the first day I took class I’ve been able to say “I’m a gymnast” because I am doing the work, and that gives me the greatest self-confidence imaginable. Confidence is the top deterrent to fear. And the great thing is, it grows with every class, every handstand kick-in, every skill and every attempt at greatness no matter how things turn out.

In our Denver fitness pursuits, like in life, it’s always the effort that counts more than the end product or goal. Plus, with added effort and work, anything is possible, even gymnastics moves we thought were impossible at our age. It’s never too late to get an amazing physique, especially in Denver. I’d like to encourage you not to let fear get in the way of the things you really want to do. If you want to learn how to do a side lever or human flag here in Denver, go for it! Gymnastic bodyweight training, especially in the Mile High City – home to the best Denver fitness training facility in the state (Awaken Denver) is awesome and fun and if you’re as fascinated by it as I am, you should give it, and yourself a shot.

Awaken gymnastic bodyweight training coach Orench Lagman works with me on balance in my handstand line.

You’ll never regret trying something you believe is amazing. You’ve got this one shot in this body. Give it your all – and watch yourself transform into becoming the best version of you, inside and out. And the hot bod you develop will make it worth it. Check out all the rage at Denver’s Best Gym and hit up Awaken gymnastic bodyweight training to challenge yourself, and to get the most sustainable and longest-lasting workout program available. gymnastic bodyweight training... scary - we think not.

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