Best wrist warmup for handstands

Are you on the search for the best wrist warmups for handstands? Or do you simply want to learn to kick up into a handstand? Or perhaps you want to take your handstand practice to the next level. Whatever your goals are, first things first. In gymnastic bodyweight training at Awaken, Denver’s best bodyweight fitness facility and the place to go for handstand school, the focus and work on your grip is a whole program on its own.

Strong hands build a strong body

There are dozens of important exercises to develop the hand strength and flexibility necessary to do things like muscle-ups and handstands. Take a look at the following exercises as I will go over the wrist pushup series specifically and then offer a few helpful tips for modifications and progressions as these are usually very difficult to do properly at first; we all start out as beginners in bodyweight training – but you’ll quickly see improvements if you put the time and energy in.

Wrist Pushups

Wrist pushups are the starting point for the fundamentals of handstanding. For this handstand wrist exercise, start in standing position facing a wall and bring your wrists to face each other. Remember to keep a good hollow with wrists stacked over shoulders. In a controlled motion, lower yourself by flexing the wrists as much as possible. Let your elbows bend to the outside of your torso and open the hand to allow for maximum flexion at the wrist. At this point you are at the bottom of your pushup. To initiate the up movement, curl your fingers back into fists as you press back up to top position.

First Knuckle Push-ups

Start in the same above position. This time lower down keeping elbows close in by your sides the press up, pressing through the hand and continuing the press up at the first knuckle. This should be a controlled movement using little momentum and requires a lot of flexibility in the hand to stack your weight at the first knuckle.

Wrist Rockers

In a controlled motion holding fists tight, rock yourself back onto the pinkie side of your fist keeping your elbows bending down by your sides. Press back up slowly rolling your fist back to the starting position.

Fingertip Push-ups

The setup is the same as the first knuckle but this time you press all the way up to your fingertips. One tip; aim for coming up using the middle, first, and ring finger in a triangle spreading the weight equally.

These are just a few of the hand exercises to improve grip strength. If they are easy for you and we have progressions that will have you beasting out on your hands with full body weight in no time.

At Awaken gymnastic bodyweight training in Denver, we are more than just a handstand school. We help you to train your entire body for strength and mobility that will help you to take your handstand practice further. Do our hand strength pushup routine on a regular basis. I have noticed since I started training at Awaken that my hands are significantly stronger and more flexible and I don’t have many of the wrist and elbow problems I previously suffered from. So much emphasis is placed on stretching each part of the hand and forearm. The most important thing is consistency, so keep coming to train! As adventure seekers in this beautiful state, our Denver fitness training is important to us. It’s what keeps us wanting to do more with our bodies, and staying fit and healthy in the Mile High City. And remember, we want to make sure you get in these valuable wrist warmups for handstands while you are at it ;-)

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