Inside Awaken - Kane Kunz, 27

“I felt like I found something I wasn't looking for at Awaken, but should have been. It was what I was missing in my routine. It's not just a complement or substitute for any other workout. It can stand on its own, but joining Awaken certainly doesn't mean scrapping whatever you're doing now. It will, however, compound the benefits of whatever you're currently doing.

I found Awaken through a friend who was visiting from Chicago. He was a huge fan and strongly encouraged me to come with him during his last day in town. I went to the Foundations Class and was hooked. I’ve been going to classes for about a month, 5 times a week. The philosophy at Awaken is this: No one cares if you suck and they'll encourage you to get better without patronizing you.

It’s always intimidating to try something new, but my advice: give it a shot, and you’ll find something special. There will be people just like you as well as people who will inspire you. The simultaneity of gentle people being so strong is uncanny, and they'll welcome you onto their path if you choose to take it.

I’ve played a lot of sports throughout my life, competitively; including lacrosse, track, boxing, football, basketball and swimming. But in my fitness, I completely burnt out, mentally and physically, regarding heavy lifting and cardio machines.

At Awaken I hope to gain greater flexibility, planche and heighten my current strengths of balance and discipline. My calves used to be my favorite part of my body, but my shoulders have taken its spot since working on them at Awaken. With how things are going, I think my core will be my favorite in a few months. I never thought that would ever be the case.

After joining Awaken, I’m more mentally and emotionally stable throughout the day. There is a meditative aspect to the classes that is conducive to me being a better person in general. I'm more reflective before acting and am in turn less high-handed professionally. The physical benefits are so apparent, and self-evidently so, after just a few classes that its case can really only be made by trial.

The positive take-aways and affects from my training at Awaken in my personal and professional life are more roundabout and indirect, but they're undeniably there.”

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