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Awaken is located in Denver, a city known for its physical prowess and ranked among the countries most active. Opening in 2013 Awaken became the world's first gymnastic bodyweight training facility. Awaken has since won the Denver A-list’s distinguished award of “Denver’s Best Gym” three years running, along with dozens of mentions in prestigious national media.

What makes Awaken different?

We know fitness is important to health, quality of life, and overall happiness. The hard part is finding ‘your thing’. Finding your physical outlet that is fun and fresh giving you the results you want but keeping your interest. In your workout programs in Denver and at Awaken you’ll not only find that but a supportive community and lifelong friends. After all, the path to health and fitness in Denver is a journey and a lifestyle, not a means to an end. Your progress through the programs and classes at Awaken ride on your level of dedication and consistency; some may advance faster than others due to past experiences, but now is the perfect time to jump in. Gymnastic bodyweight training has been rapidly growing in popularity over the past few years as more and more people are learning about its effectiveness.

Mobility and flexibility

Here at Awaken, a strong emphasis is placed on proper body adaptation. Almost all injuries result from improper or incomplete preparation. In our classes, mobility exercises are integrated and paired with the exercises making up a large part of the classes. Mobility by definition is the ability to move freely and easily through an active range of motion, which is largely different from static flexibility alone. Think about it this way, if you are very strong and can lift hundreds of pounds but you cannot bend into the position needed to lift or move something, all that strength is rendered useless. Likewise flexibility without the strength to move your bodyweight will not do. Improving your mobility will lower your likelihood of injury, improve strength, improve joint health and create a better central nervous system connection giving you a better quality of movement.


The Prehab classes at Awaken are very unique and focus specifically on improving and preventing future injury.

The Shoulder and Hip class spends an hour addressing mobility, strength, and proper biomechanical patterns. As you can imagine, taking time to prevent injuries will not only give you more time to focus on things important to you, but also time to play and enjoy whatever it is that you're aspiring towards. It’s a small investment in yourself that goes beyond simply exercising.

A new way of conceptualizing health

We see this all the time: college and professional athletes suffering from needless injuries, year after year. There is a stark difference between sport-specific performance and health, but too often are these two concepts mistakenly lumped together. Take my personal experience for example. I rowed crew collegiately at a national level and people consistently remark, “Oh, I bet you were in great shape!” To that I reply that I excelled at one specific task, but many aspects of my life, including my overall physical health, suffered greatly. My point being not that athletes have it all wrong and are wasting time, but rather that I would've benefitted from having a more cohesive understanding of how everything fit together. By no means do performance and health need to be mutually exclusive, and truth be told; you’ll save yourself the time and heartache by doing this instead of dealing with the setback of an injury. Awaken has built this into the framework of the programs we provide.

Deload the body

There are many reasons we join gyms in Denver, but the programming here at Awaken is getting smart. Not only does it cover all of what I've discussed above, but it also incorporates a gym-wide, deload system. Essentially, there are scheduled weeks where the body gets a decrease in the volume work, while maintaining intensity so you can recover and adapt to come back harder and stronger next week.

This system is merely one example of the foresight and longitudinal structure that goes on behind the scenes to help the Denver fitness community at Awaken, succeed.

Hit the ground running

Awaken is offering our Colorado Residents a Two Week Starter Pack that gives you 5 fitness classes for $45. This way, you get the freedom to pick and choose five classes at your leisure with no commitment to a particular time. Are you a traveler that would like to come and train at this world renowned gymnastics facility? We have plenty of options for you as well.

There are currently 17 different classes at Awaken, with times ranging from early morning to evening to fit any schedule, and a diversity of classes with original designs for new exercisers and high-level athletes alike.

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