Learn How to do a Handstand in Denver

Awaken gymnastic bodyweight training is a unique gym in Denver CO. The classes require certain prerequisite skills in order to progress to more advanced classes. This is to make sure your body is conditioned enough to be able to handle the work required in the class. In Advanced Handstand Class at Awaken, there is also a level of experience and knowledge needed to be able to attempt many of the skills we will have you work on. This creates an amazing environment and workout program in Denver with students well versed in gymnastics fitness and handstand techniques. This ensures that everyone is ready to help spot one another and also to perform at a higher level than foundations classes. We work on drills and technique that will take your handstand to a whole new level.

Before you Come to Advanced Handstand Class, a Solid Foundation is Key:

A Good Line

Having a good line in your handstand means your hands, shoulders, hips, and toes are all in the right position to hold a controlled and efficient handstand. Practising a correct long hollow on the floor is one way to achieve this. Key points for the hollow body are a forward tilted pelvis and tight gluten, wide/spread shoulder blades, and straight arms pressing pressing back, shrugging biceps to ears. A great goal is 5x30sec long hollow holds with a 30 second rest in between each hold. Our handstand basics class is the perfect place to work on mastering your line.


One of our mandatories in Advanced Handstand Class is a two minute handstand hold against the wall. This can be very challenging. A way to work up to it progressively is a few sets of shorter duration holds. Try doing five rounds of a minute hold with 90 seconds rest in between. Once you have made it through this whole sequence, go for the two minute hold. Our Denver handstand conditioning class is amazing for developing the strength needed to support this volume of training.


As always in gymnastics the last aspect of a good handstand is flexibility. To be able to press up into a handstand you need to have a lot of range of motion in the hamstrings, hips, and shoulders. Make sure you are working a pike with long holds, 90 seconds or more, as the muscle doesn’t really start to release until after a minute.

Flexible shoulders are also very important. Grab a hold of a stall bar at about hip level and pike over, keeping the arms straight. You should feel this mainly in the armpit area. Make sure to still be actively spreading your shoulders as well as pulling the arms back with the back of your shoulders. It’s really important to develop these muscles so you can pull the arm into the right position.

This is exactly why we have our Denver Flexibility classes at Awaken.The handstand inside of Gymnastics Strength Training is something that you will develop over years and come to new heights as you understand the technique and develop strength, flexibility, and function.

And there is no better Denver gym to get you started, than Awaken.

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