How GST in Denver changed my fitness journey

Gymnastics Strength Training in Denver is Addictive.

Once you start, you won’t stop.

I watched Gymnastic Bodyweight Training classes from afar for the first few months as I left my comfortable yoga and cycle classes at my downtown Denver gym. As I drove by, I would shamelessly stare through the windows at this small group of normal looking people jumping and tumbling and doing, quite honestly, some weird looking stuff involving crash mats. I’d been a to a lot of gym classes in the Mile High city, tried lots of different kinds of workouts and been into fitness in some form for 15 years, but I’d never seen this before.

There were people swinging on parallel bars and hanging from rings and finding all kinds of ways to move that were brand new to me. It looked fun, but there were a lot of folks upside down in there, and I wasn’t very good at getting upside down. Practicing handstands in yoga always gave me the nervous sweats, and I figured maybe this was the kind of thing you either had a knack for or didn’t, and my body just preferred to stay right side up. Honestly, it looked like the best handstand class in Denver I’d ever seen, but I was still scared.

“You should come, try it! We’d love to have you in class” the students would say when they saw me gawking.

“Maybe one day,” I thought as I left with that slightly hollow feeling you get when you chose your comfort zone over uncharted territory.

If I remember correctly, there was “one day” I’d wished for as a kid when they stopped running the gymnastics program in my school. I’d loved gymnastics since the first time I got on top of the parallel bars/balance beam in my super stylish purple leotard and matching pigtail bows. I spent recess practicing cherry bombs on the playground like it was my job. My whole life I was fascinated by the sport, watched it in the Olympics and even tried out for cheerleading in high school because I wanted to move in such fun ways. Now here I was, as an adult, with the chance to learn this amazing sport with a bunch of other nervous newbies, and I was chickening out.

Until the day I decided to hop in, and never left.

I remember the mixed emotions: “Wow, this is fun! Oh shoot, this is hard. Holy abdominals, Batman, I didn’t think I could be this sore! There’s no way I can do that. I can’t believe I just did that! Dang, I’m getting strong. Why did I wait so long to try this?”

Tuck jumps for days. Shoulder conditioning from the bottom up. “I didn’t even know I had muscles there!” And I never really needed to know how to stretch shoulders in Denver because I never used them properly, but now I was equipped with tons of Denver shoulder mobility exercises.

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