The Best Bodies in Denver

When you think about creating your “summer body” what do you think of? What goals and images come to mind?

Maybe it’s to get leaner or lose a few pounds; or maybe it’s to create muscle definition, six-pack abs for the Denver summer, or even simply slimming down and finding strength. Lots of people’s primary prep for the hot months is to lose the extra pounds they gained over the cold winter of hibernating and staying indoors. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting to shed the extra weight around your mid-section or thighs. But what if you didn’t just want to lose weight? What if you wanted to have the best body of your life this summer? Like, muscles you never dreamed of having, or rather, always dreamed of having but never got from working out at your traditional Denver fitness gym?

It’s 100 percent possible if you train with recovery and strength gains in mind.

And for the record, we’re not talking overly massive body-builder muscles either. No one wants to show up at the pool looking like a meat head. Except a meat head.

Sure you want to feel good in your bikini or, (help us), your speedo, but what if you could feel better than you ever have in your summer skivis, baggy board shorts, or your tasteful one piece. Whatever your poolside style is, you’ll rock it even harder strutting around your built bod.

You think we’re kidding – but challenge yourself and come train with us 3-4 times a week at Awaken Gym facility until July and see if you don’t suddenly love bathing suit shopping.

You’ll probably want to limit your ice cream cone and alcohol intake as well, in order to get maximum muscle-defining results and show off your core all over Denver, but the strength and sexy articulation you’ll gain in 2 months of classes will be plenty visible by then, and even stubborn fat won’t hide them. Think we’re shallow? We all know what it’s like to feel body conscious at a pool party and that just spoils the hot summer fun. Looking good helps you feel good and we’re all about that!

Of course, summer’s not just about beachfront bodies, especially in Colorado. It’s more likely that your summer body is one that can hike a 14er without your hips locking up, climb a rock wall without fatiguing right away, mountain bike Moab for more than 1 mile or ride some class 3 rapids without throwing your back out. Summer’s just not as much fun when you’re not in shape – and can definitely be more expensive if your adventures lead to injury. That’s why one of our top priorities at Awaken Gym is keeping you injury free so you can enjoy your Denver summer to the fullest!

The better you feel in your body the more you want to move it and experience it – that’s what balanced and sustainable fitness is all about. So, however you spend your summer, if you’re spending it in your body (and we’re betting you will), it’ll be more fun if you’re feeling rock-solid and in shape. The Awaken Tribe will help you get there the fastest.

We’re hitting our training full force in preparation for the best summer body in Denver.

You in?

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