How to Spring Clean your Body in 3 Simple Steps

Spring is officially here which means summer is officially ALMOST here. If you're putting off your summer body until summer, it will show up around August. If you want a poolside body by pool party time, this is the final hour to get it without adopting unhealthy habits. If you start now, you can trim down and tone up by June, the healthy way.

But you'll have to be disciplined. You'll have to be on your wellness game. You'll have to want it. You'll have to absorb this springtime energy and apply it to your body and mind. Can you do it? We know you can, and whatever goals you have for your body this summer, Awaken Gym in Denver can help get you there.

Getting in shape can seem like a daunting task, and it often fuels anxiety that's counterproductive to your fitness goals. But tidying up your body for the summer months (or anytime) doesn't have to be grueling, especially if you keep it simple.

Here are three ways you can adopt the Springtime energy in your body to create a strong, healthy and happy summer you.

1. Instead of letting yourself feel pressured to get in shape because you feel like your body's a mess, let go of the emotional baggage and ditch thoughts that say you've "been bad" over the winter months. That's not true. There's no good, bad, right or wrong when it comes to you and your body. There's just how you feel and what you want. If you want to feel better, then making yourself feel worse is not the best way to get there. Keep it positive. No looking back, only forward toward your goals. Don't let negative self talk hold you back from your best you this summer. Reset your mind for health and success.

2. Spring clean your eating habits. "Eating bad" isn't eating bad, it's just eating unhelpfully. Unhelpful to the optimum function and physique that you want. Give your current diet and eating habits a good look over and see where there are unhelpful things adding extra pounds, creating inflammation, messing with your energy levels or metabolism. Make a plan for what works best for you (or experiment if you don't know) and make it work for you.

3. Revamp your movement routine. Give your body something new to respond to and work for. Studies show that the body responds well to variety and different kinds of challenge. This is one of the best parts about our fitness journies - there's so much to try and train for, you could practice a different skill every day of the week, even month if you wanted! Of course, Awaken has that variety built right into our programming in order to help you progress in your conditioning as well as your skills, so take advantage of it! See just how consistent you can be for two months in your workouts, ask a friend to join you in a 3 days a week commitment, and go for it. Make it happen and see what happens.

Bonus Tip Ask for encouragement! We’re not just here to train you, we’re here to support you on your fitness journey and help you reach your goals. If you’ve got some specific targets in mind that you want to hit, please share them with us. Don’t hesitate to ask for guidance if you’re struggling with a particular skill or you’ve got any questions regarding your health and fitness. Remember, we’re here for you and your success, in gymnastics and all your health goals, is why we do this.

Snow days or not, Spring can start today in your body. Let the cleaning begin!

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