The Magic of Momentum

What are you in it for?

When your alarm goes off at 5:24am, and your fluffy cocoon has finally reached the exact perfect temperature for the soundest sleep, and you’re 99% convinced that getting out of bed right now could end your life, what makes you put your feet on the floor and stand up to get to a 6am class? How is putting on tennis shoes to run a bunch of stairs after a full day of work actually making you a happier person? And why in God’s name would you detox when it’s the holiday season!?

These are the kinds of questions that run through the head of the unmotivated. To some of your friends who are, let’s say, motivated by other things, a lot of the choices you make probably seem absurd. They probably think you’re crazy for getting up to do ag walks on a Saturday morning, or for choosing Mod Market over Chipotle. And they definitely think you’re weird for loving that slightly sore muscle feeling that let’s you know you’ve been getting after it in your training.

Your friends might not get why you do what you do, why you decline the invite out at 9pm because you’re starting your bedtime routine, or why you insist on flipping over everything you buy at the supermarket to see what’s in it. As long as you get it, that’s what counts, that’s what will get you across the finish line and keeps you committed to your own goals.

So what are those things, your why’s? What drives you to excel in your physical training and health?

Is it the way your triceps perfectly fill out your t-shirt sleeves or how your favorite Fall jeans slip on without having to break dance around the room? Do you work out to perform better in another sport or activity? Do you love the confidence of being fit or is the challenge alone what keeps you coming back? When you know what you’re in it for, then you better know how to keep yourself in it.

Because whatever your goal is, the key to staying motivated is momentum. Most simply, momentum is you, constantly saying Yes. Yes to the things you know you need to excel, which also means it’s constantly saying No to the things that will impede you. It’s the ripple effect of all your tiny decisions. That’s momentum.

It’s the forward propulsion, the jet stream, the wave that keeps you up and going and flying and floating and soaring and surfing over all the things that might slow you down on the way to where you’re going. Which is why it’s good to know where you’re going, what you’re after, what you’re saying Yes to again and again.

And if you don’t know, that’s ok too. Just start, and trust that momentum will catch up with you. Because momentum can’t happen without starting, and keeping going. You build momentum by continuing. By believing that you can go one more step, hold one more second, pull just a little harder, keep your balance just a little longer, by deciding that doing whatever you can is better than deciding you can’t.

When you find motivation, you find a spark. When you find momentum, the fire starts to burn and spread. You start to see what you could actually achieve. A two minute handstand, a hollow back press, no more puffy bloated belly, new confidence, becoming an awesome rock climber or a world famous performer. Whatever seemed unreachable for you starts to seem within reach, and that’s the fuel of momentum, of knowing what you’re in it for.

Because when you keep saying Yes to what you want, even in the moments when a No would be easier, you find another kind of strength, one that will carry you wherever you want to go. Join the Awaken Tribe in Denver – $45 and 5 classes starts the journey!

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