What to expect at Awaken Gym
We are a class based gym, and this, combined with the knowledge of our coaches, will allow you to safely try things you never thought were possible and get stronger and more mobile than you've ever been all without the use of weights and machines.  You'll be able to use equipment like rings, parallel bars, springboards, and stall bars.  Our community is vibrant and friendly–everyone (students and coaches) is more than willing to lend a hand. Don’t be surprised if you end up meeting new friends!

How our system works and where to start
Our system of training has two levels: BLUE and GRAY. All new students start with BLUE classes that will build your core, upper body strength, flexibility, knowledge and confidence. Once you get stronger, more mobile, and knowledgeable you can add the GRAY Classes to your schedule by attempting the Gray level test and upgrading your membership from BASIC to PREMIUM.

Who are the BLUE classes for?

BLUE classes are for anyone and everyone. These classes are the foundations of our students' training whether they have been coming for 1 month or 5 years.  Any level of beginner or advanced student will and can make improvements in these classes.  BLUE classes will get you comfortable and confident with equipment, skills, and terminology we use at Awaken.

Do I need a gymnastics background?

No way!  The vast majority of our students have never done gymnastics.

What are the classes like?

Descriptions are available through the link at the top. our classes are mostly focused on using your own bodyweight to gain strength, flexibility, and body awareness. we pride ourselves on our social environment and often show and allow partner spotting and stretching. please keep conversations open and honest with your coach and partner about your needs.

How do I gain access to GRAY classes?

When you are feeling ready look on the class schedule for the predetermined time to try the test with one of our coaches present. They will guide you through the test and let you know what if you're ready for GRAY and what skills you should continue to work on and what classes will help you.

What classes should I try with my 5 class starter pack?

We suggest trying as many different BLUE classes and coaches as possible.  Everyone likes something different, but a suggestion would be: foundations, flexibility, hip/shoulder prehab, beginner handstand, and beginner rings (we love tumbling too so there's not really a wrong answer!!)

Is 1:1 personal training an option?

Coaches have individual rates for this, so please get to know them and reach out to them individually if you're interested. They will all agree that you should continue to attend our classes in addition to personal training.


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