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What to expect at Awaken gym
If you’re tired of the “fitter-than-thou” attitudes at many gyms, you’ll find Awaken to be a fresh breath of air. Our community is vibrant and the friendly attitudes are contagious–everyone is more than willing to lend a hand to help you in class. Don’t be surprised if you end up meeting your best friends while working out too - there’s a reason why we have so many testimonials from our Awaken Tribe; they love it here. 

How our system works and where to start
Our system of training starts with two levels: BLUE and GRAY. All new students start with BLUE classes that will build your core, upper body and hip strength while keeping your mobility in check. Once you get stronger, more mobile and your body is prepared, you can add the GRAY Classes to your schedule.

Voted Denver’s BEST Gym and recognized Worldwide
Our unique one-of-a-kind classes were developed exclusively by Awaken Gym in Denver, Colorado. We are the first and only gym in Denver to offer Stall Bar Classes using wooden ladder equipment to help deepen your stretch and strengthen your core. 


Dynamic Stretch - Perfect for those who have gotten tight, this super effective 45min class uses a combination of strength and mobility techniques to help you get a nice stretch.


Foundations - Learn effective exercises in a FUN group class that will train your core, shoulders, legs and strengthen connective tissue. Be prepared to work out like you never have before!


Shoulder and Hip Prehab - Designed to correct imbalances in the shoulders and hips, these classes help you to work on your range of motion, while simultaneously increasing muscle strength.


Beginner Handstand - Build confidence being upside-down with an emphasis on safety and full-body preparation, in a fun and encouraging environment. 


Ignite - Fast and fun, this 45min class will boost your heart rate and sculpt muscle using scalable strength and mobility exercises. Get ready to sweat!


Rings - Learn how to properly use the rings to gain real upper body strength.


And many more classes: we promise you’ll NEVER get bored - check them out.

PROUD to be voted Denver's Best Gym