You've put in the time with your BLUE classes and are ready to up the intensity of your training with classes designed to take you through more complex movements. Safety is our main concern and GRAY classes require a simple test out, to ensure you are ready to take it to that next level with our FUN and effective programming.

See test out requirements.

GRAY Gymnastics

>> The Skills You've Been Dreaming of 

You've put in the time to develop your strong and mobile body and are now ready to enter the meat of what Awaken offers. Athletes work their way towards skills such as human flag, strict muscle-up, free-standing handstand, press handstand, planche, legless rope climb, manna and so much more. Practicing these awesome skills in a supportive environment results in dramatically increased confidence and training discipline.  


GRAY Handbalance 

>> Inversions and Beyond

Take your handstand training to the next level by focusing on specific elements needed to sustain a balanced line, regardless of the platform. We’ll play around with canes, blocks, parallettes and variations of upside down stamina builders. Here, you'll learn to master each skill building up to bigger gains like single arm handstands and other advanced techniques.


GRAY Press Handstand 

>> Find Lift-Off 

Your handstand is begging you to give it a boost! Now that you’re comfortable upside-down, let’s create the show-worthy skills you’ve been dreaming of! This class is made for all things PRESS-worthy! From hollow back work to flexibility, straddle and pike positions, your handstand will never be the same. Now is the perfect time to get your PRESS on.


GRAY Stall Bar

>> 360 Degree Body Sculpt

Ever wanted to learn the human flag? Awaken is the first gym in Denver to incorporate the stall bars in its training and class structure. Get ready to get ridiculously ripped while having fun with your body! Stall bars can be used for a staggering variety of strengthening and mobilizing techniques (also loads of amazing core and mobility work) and are essential training for more advanced skills. Classes will also use the stall bar strap to strengthen the obliques and back in 360º. 


GRAY Tumbling

>> Move Into Fun Skills

Get ready to move with ease and grace in more ways than you thought possible. If you want to feel like a kid again, come to this class! Tumbling preps the body to safely execute acrobatic movements. As adults, many of us have lost the courage, mobility, and strength required to tumble. But after focusing on Awaken's Blue Foundation classes (with lots of core exercises and stretching) you will be ready to learn floor work including somersaults, rolls, twists, handsprings, and handstand walks. No doubt, this Tumbling class will have you feeling more agile and youthful than ever before. 


GRAY Weighted Mobility

>> POWER Moves

Get ready to take your full body mobility with strength to the next level, and move past any sticky points you’ve discovered! Creating strength within the range of motion you’ve built up is key, which is why this class is so important! Put larger strength into your stretch and gain the extra inch you’ve been dying to reach. This class includes weighted spine mobility, side bends, loaded shoulder mobility and MUCH more. Get ready to see bigger gains in ALL the skills you’re working towards. 


GRAY Rings

>> Build Your Muscle-Up

Build the solid foundation needed for strict muscle-ups and serious upper body strength. We will take you through the techniques and drills to build strict and proper form using exercises that build both bent arm and straight arm strength. 


GRAY Accelerated Rings 

>> Unleash Upper Body Power

You might have seen stunt-doubles playing around on variations of cool looking suspension systems on the big screen, but lucky for you, Awaken now hosts their own class based around utilizing them! Elevate your ring work with these 50/50 machines that will allow you to feel each ring skill, like muscle-ups, body levers, flips, dips and more! This class will help you increase your upper body power while allowing you to feel the seamless movements of mastery while getting seriously strong. 

GRAY Classes


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