Gray Level Requirements

Time to Upgrade Your Training!

So, you want to up the intensity of your training by including Gray classes in your schedule?  To keep these classes FUN and safe for everyone, we require you perform a skills assessment to ensure our level system is effective, that you are ready, and that our coaches are teaching to an appropriate level for all gray level students.


Watch the video above and be sure to pay attention to the verbal cues.  This video will allow you self-assess and determine if you are ready or if there are things you still need to work on.  When you are ready, simply check the class schedule for the pre-determined test time and show up ready to go. The test will be administered by a coach.  To respect everyone's time please do not ask to be assessed at a random time, but rather set up a time that works best for both you and Coach Leo.

GRAY/PREMIUM Class Requirements


- 15sec shoulder extension with dowel

- standing pike stretch, palms flat

- 15sec Asian squat, heels down


- 5 gymnastics push-ups, shoulders protracted

- 10 ground rows on rings, shoulders below anchor point of rings

- 30sec hollow body hold, not handstand line but more lifted/rounded

- cast wall walk into 1min handstand

Motor Control

- 5 handstand kick-ins without wall

- 30sec handstand hold without wall

- 10sec L sit, palms flat

- 10sec top support on rings and 30sec on P bars

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