Denver Gymnastics Bodyweight Training

There are a lot of gyms that advertise the best gymnastics bodyweight training in Denver. Awaken Gym is for real, though.

Unless you’ve come from a gymnastics background, and maybe even if you have, you’re guaranteed to experience at least one training exercise (and probably several) that are completely new to you in the very first class. This is because, while strength training comes in many forms and flavors, gymnastics strength training in Denver is uniquely designed to develop every muscle in the body.

Having regularly practiced some form of fitness since high school, I was familiar with many workout styles and even got certified as a personal trainer at one point. Still, in almost 15 years of training and training others, I never knew what real total body fitness was until practicing gymnastics strength training. Discovering Awaken truly was an awakening!

Rather than focusing on only the biggest or most easily trained muscle groups, gymnastic bodyweight training zeros in on the small, often neglected muscles like the serratus, medial glutes, diaphragm, brachioradialis (forearm flexor at the elbow), wrist and finger muscles, and more.

Gymnastics technique requires strength in every one of these obscure muscles. But activation and recruitment can be a challenge because most athletes aren’t used to using them. In fact, at first these muscles can be difficult to find. After four years of training, finding and engaging my serratus is still a challenge! That’s why I keep coming back, because the best strength training in Denver is at Awaken Gym. No other fitness facility teaches students to have such an extensive range of motion and total body engagement, not even yoga.

When you work out this way, it shows. Most of us don’t get strong just for the heck of it. We want to use our strength to do something exciting and we want to see that strength on the outside. The day I realized I had the six pack I’d always wanted was a day of huge victory in my own fitness journey. Not that I hadn’t tried for it before, but average ab workouts fall short, which is why they don’t give us the results we want.

Most athletes trying to get good abs do core exercises which consist of primarily outer, upper abdominal moves. But the abdominals are a actually a much bigger package. In addition to the rectus abdominus that most strength training programs focus on, the core is also comprised of internal and external obliques, erector spinae (along the spine) and an inner layer of stabilizing muscles called the transverse abdominus. Gymnastics isn’t possible without engagement and strength in all the abs, which is why that glorious outline I’d always dreamed about came true when I started training consistently.

Header Photograph by Rebecca Christine Photography - Awaken Gym athlete shows an active flexibility drill.

A strong body is the sum of all its parts.

That’s why gymnastics bodyweight training in Denver yields the strongest athletes - get a five class Starter Pack ($125 value) for just $45 this week and prep your bod for the holidays.

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