Seth Richmond - Awaken Coach


Seth spent his childhood playing every sport possible with his four brothers in northern Michigan. After earning a degree in computer engineering he moved to Colorado to be close to the mountains. Throughout his technical career, he turned to fitness for stress relief until finally making it his career in 2015 after attending the National Personal Training Institute of Colorado.


Seth found Awaken by chance and instantly became hooked to their extreme strength and focus on injury prevention. He initially used gymnastic bodyweight training to build durability while training for his first IronMan but later found that his fitness goals had shifted to gymnastic skills.


A student turned instructor, Seth is as homegrown as it gets. With no previous gymnastics experience and sporting a height of 6'3", he's not your typical gymnast. He's proof that gymnastic bodyweight training can work for anyone.


When Seth isn't working on his strength or flexibility in the gym he can be found playing in the mountains or crushing a Spikeball in the park.

PROUD to be voted Denver's Best Gym