Rebecca Embler - Awaken Coach


Gymnastics has always been a big part of Rebecca's life. Since joining a recreational program at the age of six in her hometown Taos, NM, Rebecca went on to compete in levels four through eight, practicing three hours a day and making the gym her second home. 


Rebecca came to Colorado in 2007 to study Finance at the University of Denver. To stay connected with her passion for gymnastics, she became a coach for the youth program at DU, working with students from preschool through high school. Most recently, she was a coach for the competitive level 4 and 5 teams at DU. 


Rebecca graduated from DU in 2012 after completing her B.S. in Finance and M.S. in Business Intelligence. She now works as a financial analyst but continues her passion for strength and fitness by staying active and practicing gymnastics at every opportunity. 


Gymnastics not only provided Rebecca confidence, perseverance and grace in her workouts but in all aspects of her life. Her mission is to inspire others through the physical and mental benefits of gymnastics.  

PROUD to be voted Denver's Best Gym