Raquelle Fahle - Awaken Coach


Raquelle is a little bit Texas charm, a little New York grit and now enjoys the Colorado sunshine and the diverse offerings of the world of fitness.


After taking pre-med classes in Texas and NYC, Raquelle has always had a keen interest in anatomy, physiology and the way the human body reacts to movement and training. 


She was drawn to Awaken in her search for an inspiring new routine and wanted a break from the mundane repetitive workout routines she'd experienced up until then. Awaken always offered her something new and different, and after 2 years of taking courses as a student, Raquelle has joined the Awaken instructor team. She tries to have fun in everything she does and brings that same spirit into her classes.


"I hope to offer a new perspective on how their body works and how it can work. Flexibility shouldn’t just be for girls or for gymnasts, it should be a part of your everyday life that allows you to do normal activities and extraordinary activities better," she says. "I’d love to live in a van one day and my favorite word is ‘facetiously’ because it uses all the vowels in order."


You can find Raquelle in some pretty sweet stretches at the gym, or teaching Flexibility Classes.

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