What's Inside the Starter Pack? 

Our 5 Class Starter Pack is the best way to see what we're all about. Perfect for beginner and advanced students, we'll guide you through building strength and mobility using world-renowned methods to aid in injury recovery while setting you up for a lifetime of movement.


* Keep in mind that if you want to take Gray/advanced classes, you'll need to pass a skills test. video here 





( $125 VALUE )


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Membership Options

Online Membership $69
>>  Includes unlimited access to online classes. 

>> Classes are taught on Zoom so there is no limit on attendees, and a coach will be watching and guiding you to provide immediate, valuable feedback unlike a typical 'follow along' workout. 

>>  Includes access to 2 in-person classes each month.

>>  Most of our online classes are for any level of student unless they are otherwise noted as Advanced. These classes will help you build both strength and mobility, and allow you to start working on more specific skills like handstands and L sits.  Equipment is not required, but there will be times you'll be asked to use a household item; we suggest having a light set of weights and a yoga mat and block.

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Loyalty Membership $99

>>  Includes unlimited access to our in-person and online classes.

>>  This membership will allow you to accelerate your training by being able to use equipment and space many people don't have at home like stall bars, parallel bars, ropes, and rings.  Play with the strength you've worked so hard to build.  A coach will be present and able to give you 1:1 support and guidance, and you will be able to meet and get to know other amazing members in out tribe.  

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6 Month Memberships

>>  There will be no refunds given if you choose this option.

>>  If monthly payments aren't your thing then this option is for you.

Purchase 6 month online membership for $372 Here

Purchase 6 month loyalty membership for $534 Here

Prices Subject to Change.

Cancellation Policy: Member will provide 30 days notice before their next scheduled charge in order to receive no additional charges or fees. If member gives cancellation notice within 30 days of their next payment, they will be charged 1 additional month before payments cease.

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