Whole Body Strength, Mobility and Health

Awaken isn't only a gym, it's a worldwide tribe. We bring our local and worldwide community together with our philosophy of strength and recovery! We take the time to properly treat injuries, develop physical honesty with our bodies and provide intelligent programming to our students. We offer the world's first, adult gymnastics training facility located in Denver, Colorado - a fitness mecca. 


The Awaken lifestyle is a perfect fit for Colorado athletes who value adventure, mind-body integration and holistic health. Our unique and ultra intentional approach to fitness cares for your weakest link (injuries, chronic holding patterns, etc) and gives attention to strengthening and mobilizing the connective tissues, ligaments, tendons, muscle fibers and joints before progressing students to the next level.


We focus on incremental progress so that every student has a clear and attainable goal to work towards, and feels comfortable yet challenged in their daily workouts. Most importantly, our community is one of support, encouragement and commitment. Tribes that workout together, thrive together. 


Got a question or wondering if gymnastics bodyweight training is right for you? Check our FAQs here.


PROUD to be voted Denver's Best Gym

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