Orench Lagman - Awaken Co-Founder


Orench Lagman has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. Starting as a personal trainer in the Metro Denver area, he specialized in bodyweight strength training, weightlifting and weight loss programs. With an obvious passion for teaching and fitness, Orench’s style instills confidence in his students, leading them to consistently surpass their own expectations.


After attending Metro State University in 1999 where he studied Exercise Science, he was awarded a prestigious internship at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. A lifelong martial artist and Muay Thai practitioner, Orench was honored to serve as an assistant coach for USA Men’s and Women’s taekwondo programs, as well as assisting the Olympic volleyball, NBA, wrestling and speed skating teams using Olympic Lifting techniques and strength training protocols. Following this endeavor, he took his Olympic level knowledge to ‘the masses,’ as a personal health and fitness trainer, working with men and women from all walks of life, an experience from which he learned how to effectively motivate every type of fitness enthusiast. In all, he’s been training men and women at various levels of fitness ranging from special needs, to working professionals, to athletes looking to elevate their training, for over 20 years. 


Following meeting Crystal and starting their business, Orench has participated and led bodyweight fitness seminars around the world, including those in England, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia and many cities in the US. 


Orench’s philosophy for is to sculpt a balanced, strong, flexible, graceful and mobile body using skillful body-weight techniques. As head Coach at Awaken Gym, Orench is fulfilling this personal and professional mission, and changing the way the world practices fitness, one student at a time.

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