Morgan Fuiks - Awaken Coach


Upon graduating from Americorps NCCC after high school, he returned to Colorado and was immediately drawn to Awaken. Reflecting back over more than a year of experience he says, "What drew me to Awaken was not only the workout I was getting but the feeling that could up my whole life - and that it's worth my time. To this day I feel like that was an accurate first impression."

Born and raised in Colorado, Morgan has enjoyed physical activity his entire life - from running and hiking as a five-year-old, to playing soccer and ultimate frisbee in high school.

Having found a positive community and sense of adventure in his work, Morgan strives to be articulate, energetic and experienced in his instruction. In 
exercise, his motto is, "When you cheat, you're only cheating yourself!"

Away from the gym, you might find Morgan studying independently for credit toward his bachelor's degree, doing a long run, or playing soccer with friends in the park.

PROUD to be voted Denver's Best Gym


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