Check out these international students and their Denver experience!

Take a fitness vacation to Denver, Colorado. Climb the stunning mountains and train 
at Awaken Denver, the world-famous spot to train for mobility and strength.
Our classes will take your knowledge and practice of foundations further
by providing feedback on your form and re-invigorating your training.

Lodging Accommodations

Airbnb is the way to go! We have one that we highly recommend as it's just blocks away from the gym and 2 blocks from the light rail. There is a great King Soopers (inexpensive grocery store) with Organic options just down the street to fuel your workouts!


We recommend booking in advance as they fill up fast!

Room One

Room Two



address: 1122 West 10th Street, Denver Colorado 80204 USA

LightRail Transportation

The Light Rail provides easy access to Awaken from the Embassy Suites in downtown Denver.

PROUD to be voted Denver's Best Gym