Katy Chenault – Awaken Front Desk

My mom was still asking me well into my 20s when I was going to stop doing handstands around the house; obviously, the answer is never.  I was a gymnast growing up, then a cheerleader – but have always enjoyed sports in general. You’ll find me glued to the TV watching LSU and the Saints on weekends.


I am passionate about fitness, and running is always my go-to way to decompress, reflect, and meditate. I have a degree in kinesiology, was an NSCA personal trainer for a number of years in Louisiana then decided to become a PE teacher and move to Denver.  I loved teaching my students how to kick-in to handstands, and the ones that already knew how could never seem to grasp how someone their parents’ age could beat them in a handstand contest every time.  


I fell in love with Awaken during my very first class and have been a student and advocate of the programming for the last 5 years. The coaches (shout out to Grace who’s coached me forever), the classes, and the social aspect of Awaken are what make it my second home. I met my soon to be husband at Awaken because what better way is there to meet someone than to be stretching and/or spotting them. We can never thank Crystal and Orench enough for bringing us together!

PROUD to be voted Denver's Best Gym

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