Inayah Cooley - Awaken Coach


Anything but a natural athlete, but nonetheless fascinated with fitness, Inayah has tried a variety of athletic endeavors throughout her life.  She was drawn to the strength and aesthetics of bodybuilding and competed in several local events.  Although she loved the results and experience (not to mention the cheat meals), she knew there was something (several things, actually) missing.  She found all those and more through the gymnastics bodyweight training program at Awaken.  

The movements are intricate and ambitious, every hard-won progression is proportionately exhilarating. Each class is a unique combination of challenge and accomplishment. Most of all, the wonderful team of talented coaches and athletes have inspired her to pursue increasingly difficult fitness goals.


Inayah is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and looks forward to continually expanding her knowledge base and skill level. 

Outside the gym, Inayah is a Denver expert (and more than happy to provide recommendations), food fanatic, and Sherlock addict. 

PROUD to be voted Denver's Best Gym