with Coach Leo Trinidad


Date: Starting OCTOBER 7th, 2019

Time: Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:30-10:30pm
Location: 777 Santa Fe Dr, Denver CO
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Are you looking to up your handstand game or commit to a training regimen that will get you on track to improving or finding your handstand? Join Coach Leo at Awaken for a MONTH long Handstand Intensive that will help both beginners and intermediate/advanced students to take their handstand game to the next level. Let's up the ante!!


For Beginners We'll Work On:
>> Basic Prep for Handstands
>> Stretching
>> Mobility
>> Conditioning
>> Handstand Entrances and Exit


Intermediate Techniques and Skills:
>> Different Handstand Shapes & Positions
>> Refining Entrance and Exit
>> Introduction to some OAHS training
>> Intermediate Handstand Conditioning


Goal at the end of the intensive:
To be able to do your own Handstand when training by yourself!

What to Bring:
Materials to take notes if desired, workout clothing, and consider bringing a light snack like a banana, nuts or energy bar and a bottle of water. 


October Schedule: 8:30-10:30pm

Session 1: Monday, October 7

Session 2: Wednesday, October 9

Session 3: Monday, October 14

Session 4: Wednesday, October 16

Session 5: Monday, October 21

Session 6: Wednesday, October 23

Session 7: Monday, October 28

Session 8: Wednesday, October 30

**Can you only make it to half of the scheduled dates?? Not to worry! Contact us to chat with an Awaken Manager about 50% off!

Leo Trinidad is a fitness trainer who specializes in gymnastic strength training and conditioning. He is most well-known for teaching bodyweight strength, mobility and handstands. He has facilitated in international gymnastic strength training seminars in the US, Australia and Singapore. Based in the US, he offers tailor-made online coaching, group training, and workshops.

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