Handstand Workshops with Leo Trinidad,
Bodyweight Supersaiyan


Date: SAT, June 22nd - SUN, June 23rd, 2019
777 Santa Fe Dr, Denver CO
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Because of the overabundance of information the internet offers, too many drills and programs can end up becoming a deterrent to learning the handstand or handstand press. Leo curates, demonstrates and explains the nuances of the most efficient exercises that will help you speed up your progress towards the handstand or handstand press you've been aiming for.


Weekend Workshop Schedule:
Bring: Materials to take notes if desired, workout clothing, and consider bringing a light snack like a banana, nuts or energy bar and a bottle of water. 


SAT, June 22nd Schedule: 2-5pm

--->> Introduction
--->> General Warmup

--->> Core
--->> Handstand Warmup
--->> Handstand Drills
--->> Handstand Conditioning


SUN, June 23rd Schedule: 2-5pm

--->> Introduction
--->> General Warmup/Press Specific Warmup
--->> Core/Press Specific Core
--->> Handstand Warmup
--->> Press Drills

--->> Press Conditioning

Leo Trinidad is a fitness trainer who specializes in gymnastic strength training and conditioning. He is most well-known for teaching bodyweight strength, mobility and handstands. He has facilitated in international gymnastic strength training seminars in the US, Australia and Singapore. Based in the US, he offers tailor-made online coaching, group training, and workshops.

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