Crystal Hatch Awaken Denver Owner & Founder


Crystal Hatch’s enthusiasm for fitness has guided her through martial arts, yoga and into starting a gym focused in bodyweight fitness and calisthenics.


After moving to Denver in 2004, she joined the first martial arts facility she could find at Colorado Krav Maga and dedicated herself to immersing herself in the practice. After two years of intense training, she felt her body was taking a beating and needed something different. She found the restoration she desperately needed in yoga, and soon after beginning her practice, enrolled in a 200-hour training to earn her Vinyasa certification.


While yoga served her well for healing, eventually, Crystal felt her training was missing something. The lack of a strength-building component and improper preparation for some yoga poses had resulted in injuries that stunted her progress, and motivated her to find a whole body approach to fitness. She found the missing link she’d been looking for when she met and started training with Orench in 2011. Through practicing a combination of yoga and gymnastics, Crystal began to notice changes in her body that yoga alone hadn’t provided. She began her obsession with the gymnastics straight line handstand and found a safe way to practice deep stretching and mobility without injury.

Crystal believes that the handstand is a metaphor for her experiences of life … a labor of love, fluidity, strength, and resilience. The dedication she has to her fitness pursuits alongside her sheer will to make her dreams come true is what makes her committed to ALL practices of her life.


When she’s not working on developing her businesses, you’ll find her hiking in the mountains with her Dobie, working out with her friends, drinking coffee at a local cafe, or practicing handstands … everywhere.

Connect with Crystal Hatch for any bodyweight training questions and get inspired on your own journey: Facebook or through her Instagram account. 

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