COVID Attendance Guidelines (last updated June 4)

1. masks are optional starting June 1

2. 6-8 students max per class

3. students must sign up in advance through the app (there will be a waiting list, please be respectful and only sign up if you know you can attend, cancel in advance)

4. students will be charged $10 for a no-show

5. water fountains will be closed, please provide your own water

6. please avoid congregating in groups as you enter or exit and practice social distancing

7. everyone must use hand sanitizer when entering the gym

8. equipment will not be shared and students will use the same station/equipment during class (please bring your own yoga mat if you have one)

9. classes will be about 45min for now to allow for 15min between groups for cleaning and transitioning groups

10. chalk buckets will be closed, but you will have access to your own bag of chalk to use when needed

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