Leo Trinidad - Awaken Coach


Leo Trinidad grew up in Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Because of his passion for bodyweight movement, he decided to pursue a career in the Fitness Industry.

Having no background in gymnastics, and starting off late, he was still able to acquire strength based skills that he thought only kids can do.


He is a fitness trainer who specializes in gymnastic strength training and conditioning. He is most well-known for teaching bodyweight strength, mobility and handstands.

Leo found Awaken Gym because of his quest to further his skills.


He’s a certified Gymnastic Bodyweight Trainer through Awaken when he first visited back in 2015 and instantly fell in love with the community.


He has facilitated in international gymnastic strength training seminars in the US, Australia, and Singapore. Now based in the US, he offers tailor-made online coaching, group training, and workshops.

In his free time, he likes to attend dance classes and explore other movement outdoors.

He recently just moved to Colorado to be a part of the Awaken Gym.

PROUD to be voted Denver's Best Gym