Hugh Norley, LPMT


Sessions with Hugh involve systematically unlocking tense muscles and 'glued' tissues that cause reduced movement, loss of strength, postural pain and impede our athletic performance.​ Sessions are $120 for 90 minutes or $80 for $60 minutes.​ Contact him to schedule an apt.

Steph Maes, LMT


Steph specializes in structural integration, sports massage, joint range mobilization, deep tissue and Swedish. Her rates are as follows:

Awaken Members: $65 (60min)  //  $80 (75min)  //  $95 (90min)
Non Members: 
$80 (60min)  //  $95 (75min)  //  $110 (90min)

Contact her to schedule an apt.

Aries Indenbaum, LMT


Aries specializes in athletic recovery, relieving chronic pain and
treating injuries. They incorporate sports massage, Thai massage, deep
tissue, and Swedish massage into their sessions. Their rates are:
Awaken Members: $65 (60 min)  // $80 (75 min)  // $95 (90 min)
Non Members: $80 (60 min)  // $95 (75 min)  // $110 (90 min)
Contact them to schedule an apt. 

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