Autumn Lusk - Awaken Coach


Autumn found yoga after undergoing a 70-pound weight loss. “Admittedly, I was just looking for a way to ‘tighten it all up’.  I wanted to look like a ‘yoga chick’…  And while I indeed ‘tightened it all up’, I also discovered something I hadn’t counted on – that with each practice, my body strengthened, my heart opened, and my perception became clearer. That’s when yoga found me. It became so much more than a workout; it turned everything in my life upside down (or right-side up).  It taught me how to let go of the things that don’t matter, and how to fight like hell for the things that matter most.  Yoga transformed my entire world, and I intend to facilitate that for others.”


Whether leading a class centered on fiery strength, or a class focused on finding a place of ease and relaxation, one constant remains: Autumn is dedicated to teaching proper alignment in order to build a strong foundation, as well as a safe practice. She encourages using the breath to create a space where the body and mind can heal and regain a sense of balance.   


Autumn is certified in Vinyasa and Sculpt and has been teaching yoga publicly and privately in Denver since 2011.   





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