Amber Griffith - Awaken Front Desk Associate


Amber has been a gymnast basically since she was born. Her mom put her in gymnastics at just over a year old because she was constantly tumbling around the house. After almost 10 years of training, she branched out and tried new sports such as dance, soccer, tennis, and marching band (honestly one of the toughest trainings she'd experienced in her life). After almost 15 years, she feels amazing to be back in the gymnastics world! In her free time, she enjoys live music, hiking, yoga, and learning new instruments. She also loves math and logic, and is working on a degree in Theoretical Mathematics.


In August 2018, she finally became a student at Awaken. At that time, the only activity in her life was hiking a few times a month, walking to the light rail, and some yoga/stretching. Her biggest accomplishments at the gym over the past year have been taking the BLUE Rings class that she was terrified to try, getting a pull-up, testing into GRAY, committing to hand balance training, and re-learning her roundoff back handspring without a spot!


Amber's journey with Awaken has been the greatest blessing. She started out trading her time cleaning the gym for a membership, to now working at the front desk and getting to know everyone in the community even more. In the future, she hopes to coach some classes here. What she loves most about working at Awaken is that all of the students and staff are incredibly supportive, friendly, fun, encouraging, and open-minded. She feels lucky to be able to work and play at the best gym in the world! 

PROUD to be voted Denver's Best Gym