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Our workouts should reflect our goals. As we head into a new year, and everyone’s thinking about goals and fresh intentions, (especially for our bodies after all the holiday parties), it’s helpful to ask “What is my goal for my body?”

Is it to drop weight? Gain weight? Decrease fat? Increase muscle? Do we want to tone up, trim down or simply maintain what we’ve got? Is our goal to get in the best shape of our lives, or learn new physical skills? Whatever our goal is, Awaken Gym in Denver can help us get there.

Awaken’s unique approach to fitness will challenge your body in new ways, which is the best way to get new results. Mentally, emotionally, and physically, we’re built to respond and adapt to change and opposing energy. So if we want to get in the best shape of our lives this year, we’ll want to make sure we’re sufficiently challenged, not just maintaining the status quo.

The experience of working out at Awaken has changed the minds and bodies of tons of Denver athletes already. This year, you can be one of them.

Never had much upper body strength? Adult gymnastics training in Denver at Awaken will help you get that. Never been able to see those little lines around your tummy? Working on new skills in every class at Awaken will bring them out of hiding. Always wished you had more flexibility? Even one stretch class a week at Denver’s Best Gym will make you more limber and comfortable in other activities.

These kinds of outstanding physical results, from students with no previous gymnastics training, are why Awaken has been awarded the Denver A-List’s number one spot for two years since it’s opening in 2013.

But looks aren’t everything. Awaken students love their gym because it’s fun too. Voted Westword’s Best of Denver and 5280’s Top of the Town in 2015, it’s clear Awaken has something special to offer adventurous athletes in the Mile High city. Even the fitness expert at Fox31 in Denver found Awaken to be one of Colorado’s Best gyms for getting ripped and having fun.

Header Photograph by Rebecca Christine Photography

How will your workouts reflect your goals in 2018? If you’re ready to find out what the best you looks like, come join us at Awaken gymnastics in Denver and get to it!

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