Looking to lose weight for 2018? Peer pressure can help!

At Awaken Gym we are BIG believers in positive peer pressure when it comes to sticking with our students and their weight-loss goals. If you want to thrive in the new year and meet your Denver weight-loss expectations, this healthy "buddy system" really works.

It's an all too familiar situation: you promise yourself to honor a weekly gym routine and count every last calorie in an attempt to start your Denver weight-loss goals. But no sooner than you started, you're back eating Voodo Donuts at the office and grabbing afterwork happy hour liquid dinner. Whoops - diet over.

We all go through seasons. Just like the trees, our bodies shift with time, our circumstances, our inward environments, even the weather.

Sometimes these seasons are exciting and fun, and sometimes they’re hard and take us in difficult directions. Sometimes they start out exhilarating and end up in exhaustion, weakness and extra pounds. We may begin a journey feeling our best, and finish wondering where to find the best weight loss fitness in Denver so we can get back to feeling like ourselves.

This year, why not try a different approach? If you can get a buddy or a partner to exercise with you, there's a good chance that it will be much more effective. Studies have shown that partnering with someone who is serious about slimming down will help to increase your chances of doing the same. If you feel tempted to cheat then you can phone or text your buddy for support. You can also help each other stick to the goals you've set by keeping each other accountable.

It's important to remember that we will still weather the seasons. We don’t need to be bummed when we encounter them because each one is an opportunity to cultivate resilience, strength and determination in our minds and our bodies. Instead of getting discouraged by the few (or several) additional inches, or letting them tempt us to give up on our fitness goals altogether, we can use them to make us stronger. Awaken Gym and your buddy can help you do it.

Gymnastics bodyweight training is the best weight loss fitness in Denver because building muscle burns fat.

Many people think you have to get in shape or lose weight before you can become strong. “Lose the weight first, then tone. It’s pointless to work muscles you can’t see,” they think.

This is not true. Weight-loss training and resistance training are the same thing. When we approach weight loss fitness in Denver from a strength-building perspective, both goals will be achieved, and more efficiently. Diets are helpful and necessary, cardio too, but building muscle is the longest lasting and most effective weight loss fitness technique.

After working out for 15 years in all sorts of ways, I never got so lean as when I was training gymnastic bodyweight training consistently, or had so much fun. And it’s lasted. Even when I slowed down my training to half of what I’d been doing, my muscle remained and the weight stayed off.

And then another season came, and I embraced it. I had very little time to work out and my only criteria for food was that it taste great. I ate whatever, took a break from regular workouts, and did my thing for over a year. It was great!

But eventually, it became not so great. I felt my weakness, lack of energy and I wanted to not be so bouncy - physically that is, ha ha. So I amped up my weight-loss training in Denver by going back to Awaken.

Instead of seeing my break season as progress lost, I accepted it as part of my journey and embraced the opportunity to amp-up my body.

I’ve been in a good routine for a couple months now, and while I notice I’ve lost some things, I’m seeing an increase in strength and a decrease in jiggles. This is all it takes. This is how resilience works. One bit of progress at a time. You don’t bounce back all the way right away, but one inch at a time.

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.” -Bob Marley

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Nothing is forever, even your belly fat. See what your body’s capable of with the best weight loss fitness in Denver. If you’re ready to shed the dead weight and sprout new strength, start your weight-loss fitness journey at Awaken gym.

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