5 Reasons to Thank your Body with Denver's Best Fitness Classes

Be Thankful for what you have now and Fight for what you want Tomorrow

Thanksgiving Denver fitness means being thankful for our bodies and what they allow us to do, and staying fit and fabulous year round. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, our worlds are swathed with promises of family get-togethers, big delicious meals, pies, and a plethora of tasty beverages to fill our fancy. Holiday season is approaching, and we are cozying indoors and getting excited for a winter of outdoor hobbies and sports. From downhill riding to back-country snow-shoeing and chilly hikes, we live in Colorado so we can take full advantage of mountain adventures and outdoor excursions.

When thinking about the colder weather, and holiday season, we are reminded to be thankful. Thankful for our friends and family; thankful for our livelihoods and opportunities; thankful for the opportunities for Denver holiday fitness, and thankful for our bodies and what they allow us to do.

In gearing up for outdoor adventure weather, remember that the strength and health of your body is what will keep you going strong all winter long. In being thankful for our bodies, here are a few reasons to give your body the love and attention it deserves, with indoor training and holiday Denver workouts at Awaken gymnastic bodyweight training, to prep you for all the things you love about the season. With our pricing designed to fit the tightest of budgets, staying fit and active doesn’t have to break the bank or compromise your finances.

You Get What You Put In

As we get excited for skiing trips and riding down the beautiful Colorado mountains, we are reminded about our skill level and the strength to master these cool activities. If you put in some extra energy into your body, you’ll be surprised at how much easier the sports you love are; and how you are more apt to stay injury free. With holiday Denver workout classes at Awaken like Flexibility or Shoulder and Hip Prehab, just a class a week will help you gain extra strength, stay mobile, and build endurance to prep you for your badass mountain pursuits. When you put a little extra into your training, you’ll see the difference of what you get out of it.

You’ll be pushing yourself to Black Diamond runs and longer backcountry excursions because you are prepping your body adequately. Watch out, here you come!

Bye Bye Goodie Guilt

With colder weather, we feel the urge to stay inside and cuddle up with tasty food, that might not always be the best for us. But if you make an active intention to get to class (even once a week) at Awaken, you’ll notice that the extra pounds stay at bay. Plus, after a few fun gymnastic bodyweight training workouts, you’ll more likely want to stay more conscious of the excess you put into your body.

You don’t have to sacrifice your Denver holiday fitness to Indulge, and enjoy the tasty treats of the season, but don’t compromise your body and ensuing confidence level. Stay strong, you sexy thing.

Stay Warm and Limber

Colder mornings mean tighter muscles, and stiffened joints. You can change how you feel in the mornings by moving and engaging in a workout that is not only fun, but helps the longevity of your winter body function at its best. There’s nothing like a workout to fuel your body and keep you warm. With a focus on stretching, endurance strength, and isolating key muscles and ligaments, the programming at Awaken in Denver will keep you limber enough to move with more ease, and to enjoy outdoor excursions and winter adventures.

Even 1 class a week ($59 a month) you’ll be feeling that delightful tingle of warmth; and you’ll have fun doing it. Warm me up, please.

Lift Your Mood

With shorter days, and less sunshine (Vitamin D) than we are used to, we often deal with more sullen moods, and many of us even some Winter depression. Lucky for us in Colorado, we get 300 days of sunshine a year - but that doesn’t change the fact that it can be the hardest season for many of us. Moving and exercise lifts the mood like nothing else. Versus traditional gym workouts (which are boring, and hard to get motivated for) come in for a class at Awaken to work on your shoulder strength, or find the joy in getting your blood moving with Flexibility classes. The students and focus on a fun environment makes giving your body some love something you look forward to every week.

You’ll feel the difference, and maintain more energy to engage in the activities you love. Find your joy, all year long.

Reveal the Best You

Just because it’s sweater season where we are covering up with layers and hoodies, doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our shape and physical fitness. The best time of the year to prep your body for summer next year, is now. Summer bodies are built in the winter. Take this holiday season and make it the time you commit to you, and your health. You’ll look sexier in that holiday lingerie, and your winter body will be fit and fabulous. Start with the beginner membership at Awaken in Denver for $59 a month. Commit to one class a week, and see the changes in your bod. Some of the sexiest traits are confidence and determination: see how just one class a week changes you for the better.

This season is all about Thanksgiving Denver fitness for those of us who want to stay active, looking good and feeling strong. Come play with us, and look better than you thought possible. What does your winter body say about you?

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