Re-defining Core Strength with Denver Bodyweight Training

When we are lacking strength in our core, or feel soggy in the mid-section, we don’t just look it, but we feel it. A lack of core or supporting strength affects our backs, our lower lumbar, our posture and the way we carry ourselves. We feel the aches and pains more severely after spending long hours in the car commuting to and from work or at our desks.

Our abs just aren’t cutting it.

An often missing component of fitness is the supporting core strength that gives us the gumption we so need for our fitness ventures, and for comfortable function in daily life. Gyms in Denver are generally navigated towards a freestyle weight and cardio room, and workout programs in Denver are based on either flexibility (think Yoga stretching) or high intensity cardio/strength (think Denver CrossFit exercises). In the Denver fitness training world, there’s a gem that’s emerging with overwhelming popularity. You’ve most likely seen the viral videos of Gymnastics Strength Training or gymnastic images populating your social media feed. (Check out that side lever – I’m drooling over those abs – or handstand drills – impressive!) Awaken gymnastic bodyweight training is a downtown Denver gym that trains you in all areas of supporting muscle strength, and core strength and healthy abs is a focus.

Using one’s bodyweight, we get the best core workout in all foundation and advanced classes. It’s no longer about performing an un-godly amount of crunches till you’re blue in the face, or on the brink of losing your breakfast. Awaken fitness classes in Denver and gymnastic fitness workouts focus on full body shape and hollow-body holds to get your 6-pack abs developing and working at its max.

Here are a few examples of the best ab exercises you can perform at home, or in a workout program in Denver at Awaken, to maximize your core strength and give you an optimal chance for muscle development. Get your core ready to rock and roll, and use these at home-supplemental exercises to keep you conditioned – and working on those well-defined abs – even if you can’t get to a downtown Denver gym consistently.

Bent Hollow Body Holds

Lie down on your back with your arms by your side, legs bent. For the correct shape, press your lower back into the floor and draw you belly down and in. With a tight core, lift your shoulders and arms off the floor while curling your spine. Lift your legs with bent knees (keeping your feet as low to the ground as possible).

Key: elbows locked with hands reaching for feet, legs together, pointed toes, lower back contacting floor). Hold for 30-60 seconds and push yourself!


With your back flat on the floor, raise your arms above your head with your legs straight, knees locked on the ground. With deliberate slow control, lift your arms to the ceiling and begin curling your spine while lifting the legs together - sit up as tall as possible and reach your arms up to your feet. Compress your chest to your thighs and try to bring your hands to your feet.

Pause at the top and then slowly lower your legs and arms to the floor. Repeat and work the compression and core engagement.


With hands under shoulders, feet together, widened shoulder blades, and glutes engaged, the plank is one of the best forms to keep your core engaged. Make sure while you are holding plank, that you are emphasizing a tight shape, with serious core engagement (squeeze and pull up that belly).

For fun, have a partner poke and push you while you are in plank to ensure that your are working hard to stay steady and rock-solid. Hold for 30 seconds, and repeat as often as you’d like!

Keep up the hard work and rock out these at-home good core exercises in Denver, or wherever you venture to! Afterall, all you need is some floor space. Keep your fitness commitment to yourself with these simple gymnastics strength training tips, and remember to push yourself past comfort as you create your routine.

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