Get Optimal: Self & Thai Massage

A Saturday Workshop with The Sarahs



Date: Saturday, May 4, 2019
Location: Awaken, 777 Santa Fe Dr, Denver CO

Time: 1:30pm-4:30pm (see sched below)

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Learn the most efficient secret tricks to prime your body for all of the adventures (and life) ahead! The Sarahs will lead you through opening the 12 most important structural muscles to align you for optimal ease and power, alongside a profound sense of wellbeing.


These are the secret spots that the Sarahs have selected from their combined 30 years of experience, and after working on thousands of bodies. This workshop is your chance to take the short-cut and learn how to relax, energize, and heal your hard-working body.


We'll inform self-massage and Thai Massage with functional anatomy and wisdom from Chinese Medicine, to transform life-induced tension into delightful relief and easeful strength. 



This workshop is perfect for everyday athletes, movement enthusiasts, massage therapists, personal trainers, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and fitness instructors of all kinds!



  • Increased range of motion for enhanced mobility and strength

  • Prevent tweaks and strains and recover faster if you do get injured

  • Relieve universal postural tension

  • Improve energy & relieve chronic pain

  • Fitness and wellness professionals dramatically improve the results and efficiency of their sessions

Bring: Materials to take notes if desired, snacks, and a bottle of water!



1:30- 4:30pm – Self-Massage Workshop 
 Learn how to take care of your body, day in and day out! In this workshop we'll use foam rollers and balls to target each of the 12 muscle groups in focus. 
Please bring your own smooth-sided foam roller and 2 tennis, lacrosse or similar-sized balls, and 1 clean long sock. If you don't have these items, you want them! They are some of the most worthwhile investments in your health! If you want to purchase them from us on the day of the event, please message us at least 1 week before the workshop.

About Both Of Us


The Sarahs creative energy is fed by blending a myriad of tools for health and wellness – their work is informed by both traditional and modern medicine, as well as gymnastics and acrobatics. They love the nurturing aspect of giving, as well as the puzzle-solving skill of diagnosis and treatment for each unique being. Together the Sarahs have trained and practiced for over 20,000 hours, and are committed to spreading their accrued wisdom through teaching. Their highest aim is to empower people to feel great and thrive in their lives.


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Sarah Yovovich


Sarah Yovovich has been teaching formally since she was 12 years old.  She became a massage therapist in 2004, as part of a healing journey after reconstructive knee surgery. In 2008, she fell in love with the playful, meditative dance of Thai massage, which is therapeutic for the giver as well as the receiver. In 2011, Sarah embraced traditional Chinese medicine's 5 Element Theory – a potent holistic method for illuminating the connections between "mysterious symptoms," emotions, exercise, diet, relationships, and the seasons. She loves working with clients one-on-one, but is most inspired by sharing her practices with other students of wellness and the healing arts.  


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Sarah Vosen 


Sarah Vosen is an agile and articulate mind, with a natural grasp of symbolic systems and the relationships between well-being, behavior, emotion, and the physical body. Her rigorous study of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture synergize with her study of western nutrition and many forms of physical exercise, including yoga, AcroYoga, gymnastics, capoeira, and pilates. She is a font of knowledge about wellness – anatomically, internally, and energetically — which she articulates with simplicity and clarity. She started teaching gymnastics in high school and, for the past 12 years, has taught the healing arts, including AcroYoga. Her work nurtures the mind, body, and soul, with equal weight.


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