Kelly Anderson   


Kelly took 358 Classes in 2018. Here's what she says about her experience:


I've always loved being active so it's hard for me not to be doing some kind of physical activity. I think it calms me down and keeps me from getting bored ...


Awaken is special. It offers conditioning towards certain skills that are awesome and even if those skills are never achieved, you're gonna get incredibly fit. It's helped me with other activities like yoga and climbing. And who doesn't love being in good shape? It's nice to have good vital signs when you go for your annual physical exam. My doctor is interested in what I do to stay in shape but, has told me to stop tumbling. He told me I'm too old to be doing that.  But I never listen. 

I'd tell anyone thinking of starting at Awaken (and I come across a lot of people talking), don't be intimidated. There are many different levels, which means you can achieve a much higher level with patience. Also, it's fun. There's a lot of support between the other students and the instructors.  Someone's always got your back, literally. My goals for 2019 are the same goals I have every year, stay under 140lbs and, for me, it’s the year of front splits and toes to bar!

Nick Nimmo


Nick took 349 Classes in 2018. Check out his story:


There really is no other gym like it! Training at Awaken gives me something to look forward to every day – both the workout and the camaraderie. It keeps me fit like no other program I’ve tried ...

I’ve struggled with my weight all my life, through all kinds of diets and workouts. I lost 40 lbs the first year I was at Awaken and remain leaner than I have ever been before. It’s always intimidating to show up for the first class [somewhere new]. The first class I tried at Awaken was a Hip Class. Somehow, I ended up in the front row with all these really fit 
20-year-olds behind me. I couldn’t do any of it then and am amazed I came back. But it was so much fun and everyone was so supportive that I did come back, and never stopped. My goals for the next year continue to be improvements on side and front lever work. Handstands also continue to be a challenge for me, and progress is really slow, but I’m getting better.

47 y/o business owner Ivy Hastings has been a member at Awaken for the past 5 years! Although she’s never done any organized sports she’s tried her fair share of fitness classes and usually got bored or injured so gave them up. Here's what she has to say about her training at Awaken:


“I always wanted to do gymnastics as a kid, but it was not offered in my school, so here I am many years later doing handstands and tumbling and that's a pretty great feeling. If I'm not in class at Awaken, I'm skateboarding or snowboarding. I love the training because I never get bored and it's always challenging. I learn something new every single time I come to class and that's after hundreds of classes! I'm able to do things that I never imagined I could thanks to the guidance and encouragement of all the coaches and fellow students. I love that there is equal focus on strength, mobility, balance, and flexibility; all things that are important to maintain as I get older and if I want to continue being active.

I love pairing up with other students. You have a coach and then you literally have someone who is rooting for you, helping you improve, and becoming your new friend all at the same time. 


There's a reason that Awaken has been voted the best gym in Denver over and over again. Awaken is a welcoming place that is good for all skill levels and perfect if you want variety and a challenge. Everyone there genuinely wants the other students to succeed. It may seem intimidating at first, but you don't need any previous gymnastics skills and will get stronger faster than you could ever imagine. Being there is the best part of my day and it could be yours too!” 

"My favorite part of training at Awaken is the vast amount of different skills to work on. I always have 4 or 5 different skills I am working on to try to get better at. 


So many of the skills feed into each other as well so when you start getting good handstands and you have a good swing on the parallel bars you start looking at combining those into the swing to handstand. So it is really fun to be able to build on your foundations and really start to put together some cool moves. There is never an end to a skill set, you never really get to say "I'm done" with something. There is always more difficult positions or extra skills to integrate and I love that because it means I can always be looking forward to new goals while still being able to cross items off my list.


The community is honestly what keeps me going on a consistent basis. There are a great collection of coaches at Awaken each with their own different focuses and knowledge about gymnastics as a whole. So getting to take classes from all of them really helps me learn then ins and outs of each exercise. The community of athletes is fantastic, everyone is very supportive and helpful. Because gymnastics is such a diverse sport everyone has their own area of strength and is happy to help you and more importantly learn themselves. There is always a sense that everyone around you wants you to be as good as you can. 


For someone on the fence about joining, it is a great place to be for the very serious and the just casual athlete. If you are looking for the best coaching and training this is the place to get it through the coaches and the active community that are constantly looking to improve. And on the flip side if you are just looking for something casual to keep you active the community is one of the most accepting I have been a part of." 

" I love Awaken because the focus is on creating and caring for a community of people who are committed to improving themselves. I feel supported and encouraged by the coaches and my fellow students alike. There is no pretence, we are all here to work on ourselves, together and I always have a lot of fun while I work. Laughter and smiles are common during workouts. I leave the gym feeling inspired, accomplished and grateful that I've found a home here. My training has helped me to realize that I am capable of committing to self-care on my own terms, in a way that engages my mind, body and spirit.  It feels encouraging to realize that buried inside of me, have been surprising reserves of motivation, focus, self-discipline and dedication. I am sleeping better, drinking a lot less and my anxiety levels have decreased dramatically since training on a regular basis. I feel stable, strong and grounded in my body and am finding more awareness of how my body moves in space. This training is also helping me to practice proper body-mechanics in my day-to-day movements. Overall, I feel like I'm becoming a more efficient version of myself at work and play! Do yourself a great service and allow yourself to take a little risk! This is a very welcoming community of good-natured folks. We want to grow with you!" – Gregory

"Awaken is THE best place to train! As a personal trainer and someone who has been working out and playing sports my entire life, I know how difficult it can be to find high-quality movement education. However, you do not need to look any further than Awaken Gymnastics Strength Training in Denver, Colorado. If you have an opportunity to train at or visit Awaken, I HIGHLY recommend that you take it. 

I just finished one week of training at the beautiful Awaken facility. I traveled from New Orleans to visit the gymnastics fitness gym for adults, and my experience exceeded all of my expectations. I learned invaluable injury prevention exercises in the Shoulder and Hip Prehab classes. I also took classes like Flexibility, Handstand Basics, Handstand Conditioning, and Gymnastics Conditioning. If you work out at this gym, you are going to see BIG gains in flexibility, strength, and stamina. The exercises will help you prevent injuries and improve your posture.

Not only are you going to gain strength, flexibility, and athleticism, but you'll also have fun! At Awaken there is a community atmosphere. Everyone made me feel very welcomed as soon as I arrived and throughout the duration of my stay. Coaches were more than willing to chat with me after class and answer any questions I had. Also, gym members introduced themselves and offered to help during many of the fun and challenging partner exercises. 

Another reason to travel to Awaken to train is the city of Denver itself. Before and after classes, I explored the mountains and city's coffee shops and restaurants. After a week of training and breathing the fresh mountain air, I feel like a million bucks. 

Finally, I would just like to say thank you to everyone at Awaken, especially Tanya Hill, the gym manager. I cannot wait to come back and do it again. I'm already planning my next trip!" - Jarrod Borne (Personal Trainer)

"Awaken provides a unique and valuable fitness experience for adults from all walks of life. As a student who has been with the gymnastics bodyweight training program since Awaken opened, I have had the opportunity to see an incredibly diverse group of fellow students grow and progress. Be it business professionals, aerial and pole students, ex-athletes, current athletes or anything in-between, Awaken's programming is able to offer benefit.


For the lucky students in the Denver area, there is a team of knowledgeable teachers guiding classes through workouts that are the perfect mix of strength and technique based exercises. You will leave sweaty and with new information about - handstand technique, for example - to mull over.


There is no other program available that is able to offer such deeply knowledgeable content, specifically designed to benefit a diverse group of adults. With so many progressions within their gymnastics bodyweight training, students are able to find an appropriately challenging option for their fitness level." - Sarah Bender (Cirque Performer)

"I visited all the way from New Hampshire and wanted to thank you so much for creating your beautiful gym and programming. The three classes I took were exactly what my 54-year-old body needed. Counteracting all the crazy dumb stuff I put it through every day. I can't even describe to my fit family and friends what I came to Denver to accomplish. I have practiced these ideas alone for months and to be in a group with expert instruction was awesome. From the very moment I walked in the door, I felt welcomed right away with a smile from the management. I took Foundations, Beginner Handstand, and Flexibility. The energy, feedback, and intuition of the classes was awesome." - Deb

"Awaken has been the most enjoyable and rewarding way I've found to get exercise. I have made considerable gains in not just my strength but also my flexibility and mobility as well. I've never been to a gym or even have a personal trainer so attentive to form and posture. That's what I like about Awaken Denver. The coaches consideration to each individual goes a long way in creating a safe exercise environment that gives the most effective results. Not only that but everyone at the gym is so nice and welcoming! Get ready to learn a lot and have fun doing it!" - Matt Pryor

“Coming to Awaken was one of the biggest positive experiences of my life. I traveled all the way from Slovenia to train at Awaken Denver. The gym felt like home since the very first day and I loved the community. People are very friendly and trainers really do care about you. They know what they are doing. You have so many different classes you can take, so there's something for everybody from the beginner to the advanced athlete. The programming of classes is very smart and every exercise is used for a reason. I will definitely be back again. Thanks for everything!”  - Nina Košnjek

"My favorite part of Awaken is the community. Everyone has similar goals and is willing to help others to achieve theirs. I like the periodized approach to training and make sure to get in 4-5 days per week and make sure to get in Shoulder Prehab (otherwise I would probably want to train all the time and not give my body time to rest and recover). Some of my favorite classes are the rings and stall bar classes because they are challenging and unlike anything I've ever done before. My flexibility has seen dramatic improvements after religiously attending flexibility classes." - Matthew Hannan

“When I got the big news, I decided I would be an active pregnant woman. I’ve been a member for a year at Awaken and I love my coaches. Being pregnant I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep going to the gym: a very intensive sports practice, with new challenges every time. I thought I would have to join a gym dedicated to pregnant women and then come back to Awaken after the delivery. I spoke about my decision with the coaches and was surprised to hear that I could continue training until the end of my pregnancy. The coaches are well trained on many modifications for pregnant women. I decided to trust their judgment. Lucky me! I went to Awaken 3x a week and took the Hip Prehab and Flexibility classes through the last week of my pregnancy. It helped me a lot through this incredible time in my life. It gave me strength, confidence, and helped me to love my changing body. All the coaches were amazing with me. Whenever I couldn’t do an exercise, they gave me adapted instructions to follow. I cannot stress enough how helpful and amazing the team at Awaken is. Love you guys!” - Mathilde Flinois

"Awaken is an amazing gym for anyone looking to increase their strength and flexibility. Not many gyms focus on the importance of stretching so it was a breath of fresh air when we spent time doing partner stretches. Upper body strength has always been my weakness and I'm so happy with how far I've come since joining Awaken. I like the partner work since it keeps you accountable and motivated to push your hardest. All the instructors here have been great!”  - Carina Carlson

"I felt like I found something I wasn't looking for at Awaken, but should have been. It was what I was missing in my routine. It's not just a compliment or substitute for any other workout. It can stand on its own, but joining Awaken certainly doesn't mean scrapping whatever you're doing now. It will, however, compound the benefits of whatever you're currently doing." - Kane Kunz


See more on Kane's experience

"Awaken, and Orench, in particular, has been a boon to my senior body over 4-5 years now. They offer a wide range of classes which has allowed me to work within my own capabilities. And the instructors are always understanding of my physical limitations by providing modified exercises and encouragement when needed. The high energy of the gym is infectious without being intimidating. I'd encourage anyone of any age to give it a try." - Josh

"Awaken is Denver’s only gymnastics bodyweight training center. The coaches are friendly, understanding, and will work with you to meet your individual fitness needs.


Do not be intimidated about starting your training here. Varying levels of skill, strength, and fitness do not matter. Anyone can walk into Awaken and get quality gymnastic training from Denver’s foremost gymnastic subject matter experts.


I have noticed significant improvements in my flexibility, and for me this is amazing. This review is coming from a former powerlifter that could barely tie his shoes without getting red in the face. Awaken has improved my mobility, balance, and strength, hand over fist. If you’re unsure the $45 starter pack is an amazing deal. Further, you can drop into any classes you wish using the starter pack. The staff is also incredibly friendly and will not hesitate to answer any questions you have." - Jarek

"I am proof that anyone can walk into Awaken and be welcomed into the community. On my first day at Awaken, I couldn't touch my toes or kick into a handstand. Actually, I couldn't do much of anything all. But I loved the way Awaken's coaches modified everything to be either more or less challenging, which encouraged me to stick with it. I VERY slowly started to get the hang of it and it only made me enjoy gymnastics bodyweight training even more.


Within a few months, I realized how quickly my body was appreciating the benefits of stretching and strength training.


About a year after I started with Awaken, I found out I was pregnant. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to continue attending classes for a handful of reasons. Surprisingly, I really think that Awaken is one of the largest reasons why I have had such an easy pregnancy. All of the instructors have shown me even more modifications, new stretches, alternative options and an incredible amount of patience and understanding.


I am forever grateful I found Awaken and am able to take advantage of all the amazing things gymnastics bodyweight training does for your mind and body. It's my favorite way to start my day and puts me in such a better mood. I think it's true love." - Nora

"My friends regularly say "what's your latest crazy athletic thing you're doing, Ben?" I was a swimmer in high school, started playing rugby at 29, was a regular at a kickboxing gym, dabbled in parkour, and I competed in IronMan without ever doing a prior triathlon.


When I moved to Denver and heard about Awaken Denver, I knew it was for me. I despise going to gyms to lift weights or perform worthless cardio, it feels endless and pointless - like a hamster in a wheel after a night of pizza. I prefer my workouts to be "adult playtime" or goal-oriented at least.


Over the last 10 months, Awaken has brought back the flexibility of my youth karate days and given me strength in muscles I never knew I had. When my rugby coach asked me to play after a 6-month hiatus, I jumped in and still had the endurance for the full 80-minute game. Somehow, gymnastic strength had translated to an 80-minute rugby game (for those unfamiliar with rugby, it's like wrestling and soccer at the same time).


I regularly tell the Awaken staff that in their classes "I've never sweat more from doing less." My heart beats hard even during partner stretching! I arbitrarily tried climbing the rope without using my legs one day, and it turned out that Awaken's foundation classes had given me the strength to do that as well.


I look forward to progressing with Awaken and gaining even more strength and precise control over my body. Each coach there is an upbeat and positive class leader. It's no wonder they've won "best gym" over & over again. Best of all, "going to the gym" now doesn't feel like a chore, it's just FUN." 
- Ben (Competitive Rugby Player)

"Thank you for having me at Awaken in December. I had a great vacation and learned so much! Something cool happened today and I knew it was from the gymnastics training so I wanted to share and express my gratitude.

I've felt really good throughout the day but today was when I really felt the benefits of gymnastics bodyweight training.


For my day job, I am an active duty soldier and I'm airborne (parachute out of airplanes and helicopter). For the last couple of years, I've hated being airborne because I generally have bad landings and after every jump, I felt like my body was breaking and I would be sore and hurting everywhere. 


Today was different. I had the softest landing of my entire life and when I got up, I felt great! I was energized and not a muscle in my body hurt or felt sore. I am pretty sure it is because my back and core are much stronger now so my body handled the impact much better and held a much better body position when I landed. I actually had to jump twice in two hours and my second jump had the same result. I had a pain free landing and felt great afterward. Normally after jumping, I'm dead to the world for the rest of the day because my body would hurt so much. Not today! After I got done today I felt like doing something so I went to go climb rope. I'm now getting ready to do some gymnastics after I eat dinner.


Thank you so much for saving my career (prior to visiting Awaken I felt like my body was too broken to keep doing my job much longer) and giving me my life back." - Shirley W

I have always been an active person. After college, I tried various fitness classes but none kept my interest. I drove by Awaken many times and finally got the courage to sign up for a class. I spoke with Tanya to set up my first class and she made the process super easy! I fell in love with Awaken during my first class! The staff is wonderful and the classes are fun, challenging, and unique! Awaken helps each individual achieve their goal while promoting teamwork. The staff there is caring, kind, and knowledgeable. They treat all like family! I am so glad I have been a part of it and look forward to taking classes in the future!

- Paige B

I've been involved in fitness since a very young age due to sports and I developed a very solitary approach because of the judgmental environment that tends to be present in commercial gyms. I joined Awaken because I felt I needed some outside knowledge and coaching to push myself to the next level. Gymnastics bodyweight training has helped me a ton in my climbing. My finger injuries from climbing have completely disappeared. My flexibility and mobility have seen the most progress, especially in my shoulders. The atmosphere is amazing. Orench is a straight up beast and will push you as far as you want to go. Every single staff member is so stoked to be there and the amount of knowledge on hand at any given time is nuts. They never hesitate to jump in to help/advise anyone at any time. Extremely hands-on and the progress I've seen in both myself and other students is incredible. 

- Zach V (Competitive Rock Climber)

As a climber, I have loved training at Awaken.  I’ve been training with Orench about as long as I have been climbing and It has helped provide a more balanced development to my body. There are certain issues climbers develop if they are only climbing and not training opposition muscles and movements and with the gymnastics bodyweight training program I’m hitting all the opposition movements as well as developing my strength for climbing. Bodyweight strength training is challenging, hard work and often times a lot of fun. Its versatile, adaptable and I’ve loved what it has done from my physique and overall strength.  I greatly appreciate the focus on shoulder pre-hab, flexibility and strength training provided by Awaken and gymnastics bodyweight training, the diverse focus in the training allows me to avoid and prevents a lot of common injuries. Shoulder pre-hab has been critical to keeping my shoulders balanced and healthy. 

- Amie B (Avid Rock Climber)

Since I started training at Awaken six months ago, I've definitely gained more of the strength that I was after.  Sure, I'm still working towards my first pull-up ... but I also now have better overall strength and coordination and fun goals to work towards.  For someone in her 40s who isn't very athletic, it's pretty amazing.  More specifically, my shoulder, which I injured pretty badly about three years ago, has no more pain and is far stronger than it was before I started coming to Awaken.  I credit that rehabilitation to the particular shoulder girdle exercises that we do; the focus on strength as a safety factor in adult gymnastics practice really does work.  Finally, while I don't think that I'll ever rock a six-pack, my core strength has improved markedly, which comes in handy in all sorts of ways on a daily basis.

Most importantly, though, I feel like I gained an extended family.  Awaken is not just a gym; it's a unique, welcoming environment filled with incredibly skilled and knowledgeable teachers and supportive members I look forward to working out with.  It's hard work, but it's really fun and very, very functional; and that's what will keep me going back.  Thanks for being so great!!!

- Heidi G

I joined Awaken over a year ago. I was looking for a fun gym that would keep me accountable. Still suffering from lingering pain from a car accident, I wanted a gym that focused on injury protection. Awaken was exactly what I needed. 

Awaken provides a supportive environment for your workout. The coaches will push you, but also provide modifications to help you ease into each exercise. Experienced members will show you the ropes and encourage you along. To me, Awaken has the community, but none of the competition that leads to injury at other gyms. - Andrew Rubin (attorney)

"As a pole fitness competitor, cross-training is essential in optimizing my overall performance quality. Awaken has helped me improve my core strength, extend my lines, hold my extensions, and prevent injuries by offering a variety of different exercises. This also keeps me from getting bored with my training while sustaining a healthy body. My strength has helped me focus on executing my moves on the pole with commitment without the feeling of exhaustion because the last thing you want to think about when you’re on stage, is being tired." - Kira Nguyen (Pole Fitness Competitor)

I commend Crystal and Orench for the work that they do to maintain such an incredible program and team at Awaken. Having been a Crossfit coach, I know what can happen to athletes when poor programming is given. During my year long back injury recovery I have tried many things but nothing has helped more than the programming and coaches at Awaken. 


For the first time in my adult life, I feel as if I am able to have play time while learning to build strength, flexibility and agility - and, most importantly, I leave every class with a smile on my face because I am just having so much fun.


Despite three moves around CO in the past six months and having to suspend my membership, I have found my way back to Denver and Awaken and was welcomed back with open arms - something that holds more weight than the coaches can ever realize.


Sometimes people are quick to only voice complaints, so I wanted to make absolutely sure that I voice my kudos and thanks. 


Awaken is fast becoming a family and I cannot wait to see what new things I get to try tomorrow!

- Jenny Starkey (CrossFit Coach)

"About 5 years ago, I tore my hamstring off the ischium during yoga in a behind-the-head-CorePower over-heated room move; don't get me started. In any case, it was severe enough that the thigh/glute went black & blue and I passed out. For the next 1.5 years, I was unable to walk normally, go upstairs, hike or run and was in rehab during that time with continual physical therapy exercises, ultrasound, Rolfing, MAT, massage, foam rolling, arnica gel, Chinese linament and finally acupuncture. Even with all those interventions, I only got about 50% of my flexibility/strength back and chronic pain and weakness have plagued it since then.  I've been in and out of therapy over the subsequent years post-injury as it was never more than 60% resolved. Ridiculous. 


Anyhow, this winter I decided to give Awaken a try as it seemed like a more intense, but natural method to strengthen our human bodies.  Within about 8-9 weeks of just 2x/week (but ALWAYS Grace's Wed. class) Hip Prehab, the pain was reduced down to a totally manageable 1 out of 10 and the strength and flexibility is almost back to pre-injury. I'm both astounded and delighted! The way Awaken's classes work the muscles is so much more natural than repetitive weight lifting or using elastic bands or any of the other therapies I've used, and it just feels right for my body." - Alison Kapsalis (Business Owner)

"I found Awaken completely by accident, but it was the best thing ever happened to me in my fitness journey. I have been doing CrossFit for more than 4 years in Seattle. I enjoyed the gymnastic elements of CrossFit. However, I could not find any gym would offer gymnastics bodyweight training specifically for working out So, I was pleasantly surprised when I googled “adult gymnastic Denver” two days moved to Denver, Awaken was on my top search result. 


The vast variety of classes in Awaken no doubt improved my forms, my flexibility (be sure check out Tanya’s Flexibility class!), my skills, my approaches to gymnastic movement. It brought the awareness of my body movement to a new level. In my opinion, what really set them apart from other gym is the passion for training. Every trainer there is passionate about helping their athletes to take their fitness journey to the next level. That passion is infectious and made me want to try harder and work better. If you are in Denver, you HAVE to come check out Awaken! " - Herman Wong (Senior QA Engineer)

"Awaken has changed my life! When I first started coming, my body was broken from being an athlete in the past and totally weak as a result. I was done feeling handicapped. Showing up to Awaken, I was immediately enamored by the challenge it presented to people at all levels of their athleticism and the competitive spirit within me could not walk away! Being in sports medicine, I knew I had a lot of work to do to overcome some mental and physical barriers but I was determined to prove to myself that I could make it to level 2 in gymnastics. Over the next few months, I started addressing my hip pain and weakness in barre class, my shoulder and elbow injuries in shoulder prehab, and my back issues through core strengthening in gymnastics. Just last week I made it to level 2! It was was a great day. I am literally a different person now that I feel as if Awaken has given my body back to me!"

- Lyndsay Trefzger (Sports Medicine)

"I first heard of Orench through two colleagues who are friends of the owners and so I decided to make a trip to Awaken Denver for some first-hand experience. I am so grateful I did. Prior to Awaken Denver, I took a total of one gymnastics class in my life, so to say that I was intimidated by my first class at Awaken was an understatement. However, the moment I stepped into Awaken, I realized my concerns were unfounded - Orench and his team are unpretentious and down-to-earth. There is a real sense of community and very little room for "flaunts". All the classes I attended are marked by camaraderie and collaboration. Make no mistake though, you will be pushed to your edge and beyond your edge, over and over again! If you are looking to work with a team of high-quality teachers to help you discover your maximum potential, you must get yourself to Awaken Denver."

- Kris Ng, Singapore (Pilates Teacher)

"Awaken has changed my physique and overall strength in a few short months. The combination of learning a new discipline, partner workouts, and teachers who push me while correcting form has been an awesome experience. Prior to joining, I was lifting weights 3 to 4 times per week and had plateaued with my routine. Now I feel stronger, am leaner, and enjoy the community aspect of the gym versus working out by myself. If you are looking to challenge yourself in a fun environment, Awaken is the place for you." - P.J Paland

"Awaken and Orench has had a profound impact on my life. Throughout the three years I have been in his class I can firmly say that Orench has established a unique program that is committed fully and completely to each student's success. Building on a unique foundation, the functional and mental strength that Awaken provides has enhanced the quality of my life and in turn, those around me.  

The gymnastics bodyweight training program addresses almost every concern one could have, building upon a safe foundation that emphasizes flexibility and core strength to one that establishes total body awareness and muscle tone without the bulk. Moreover, this adult gymnastics program offers unending possibilities to skill building and avoiding plateaus. You will not be disappointed." August Ruhnka (Teacher)

"Awaken has completely reshaped my fitness, strength, and flexibility in ways I could never have imagined when I began gymnastics. Orench is a world-class coach who always pushes me the exact amount I need to be pushed but doing so with a great sense of humor. He is always positive and provides spot-on instruction that always makes me perform maneuvers more effectively and efficiently. But the best part about Awaken is the community of adult gymnasts and yogis who consistently inspire, motivate, and help each other obtain better fitness results and encourage you to be better in any way they can." - Kevin Lazar (Attorney)

"I recently started performing gymnastics bodyweight training in an attempt to work my way up to mastering the static holds that these athletes are known for. Initial progress was good but after about 3 months I found it hard to make gains and was questioning whether I was even training correctly as I had nobody to check my technique. As a personal trainer, I am aware of how important and beneficial it is to have someone guide you through training, especially in an area as technical as gymnastics. Knowing that Orench is the best at teaching gymnastics bodyweight training I decided to fly from Europe and spend 2 weeks training with him. I knew he would be a good trainer, but I was amazed by the exceptional quality of teaching he had to offer. Immediately he highlighted my weak points and tailored my training to overcome these. This, combined with his unique and progressive approach, has to lead me to achieve significant gains in these 2 weeks that would have probably taken me a year to reach on my own. Orench is very knowledgeable and great at explaining the complicated mechanics involved in gymnastics. Being able to visualize and understand which muscles should be working on each movement is crucial to performing them correctly.  I have learned so much in these 2 short weeks and would urge anyone interested in training gymnastics to seek out Orench and Awaken." 

- Wing Tai Yau (Personal Trainer in the UK)

"My experience with Orench and Awaken has been freaking awesome! For serious. It has helped change the way I view and move in my own body as well as how I coach my own athletes. I was a rower for 8 years and have been a CrossFitter for 2 – let’s just say grace has never a word that has been associated with this lady. A huge part of my physical practice currently involves Olympic lifting (or trying to take heavy things from the ground over my head), and to do so I need to be incredibly strong, but also poised, and fluid, and yes – graceful. Orench has helped me with all of those things. He has also helped bring a degree of play, of lightness, and of courage into my physical practice, and thus into my life through his extensive knowledge, persistence as a coach, and yes, astounding patience. If you decide to embark on a path with Awaken, be it for shoulder health, for strength, or just because being inverted sounds like a pretty awesome plan of attack then you won’t be disappointed. You’ll be changed." - Maddie Berky (Crossfit Coach and Holistic Nutrition Blogger)

"Throughout my life, I have always been a competitive athlete. As an adult working a full-time job as a teacher I found myself searching for an outlet to continue to push myself. I tried the big box gyms, but after a few weeks I would burn out time and again. Finally, I was turned on to Awaken by a friend, and I was immediately hooked. The gymnastics inspired program is so much more than a class and certainly more than a workout. Awaken unites people from all walks of life and pushes each person to be their very best through fun and constantly changing workouts. I have gained a deeper understanding of my own physiology while pushing myself to be a more balanced well-rounded athlete than I thought possible at the age of 25. The teachers Awaken make success attainable for everyone, and the community's positive attitude makes each workout fun and inclusive for all." - Brian Hyosaka (Teacher)

"Gymnastics and the Awaken community have changed my life. Never have I been part of a gym or workout community that feels more like family. Never have I been so wonderfully challenged and strengthened every time I come to class. Gymnastics, like yoga, is an adventure for the body, mind, and spirit. Like many women, I’ve never had much upper body strength. But, every time I’ve sought to increase that strength through weight-based training, I’ve bulked up and sacrificed mobility. Not so with gymnastics. From my first month (December) doing consistent handstands, I’ve noticed a difference in my body composition. From the first time I got brave enough to go upside down on the rings, I believe I’ve become more courageous in the rest of life. I attribute my consistency with gymnastics to Orench’s careful instruction. I’m in recovery from a serious back injury, and if Orench had been unaware of even the smallest misalignments, I could have injured myself. If he had been unwilling to call me out on my fears and challenge my weaknesses, I would never have shown up before dawn every week to practice. Orench inspires the same awareness, commitment, and fun in all the Awaken instructors that have studied under him, and has built an incredible arsenal of talent that I’m thrilled to call my coaches and friends. Stop by, take a class, and soon you will be a part of the same awesome team! " - Terrisa Lynn Coobs (Lifecoach)

"I have been a long time yoga practitioner and was looking for something that would complement my practice. Gymnastics seemed the perfect fit for that. The tough part was finding the trainer and a facility. I searched the web and did some extensive research and found Orench at Awaken Gymnastics. Let me say that the name fits perfectly Awaken does just that. The first day I showed up to class it was an awakening moment for me it introduced me to different techniques in training that I had never thought of before and I was hooked. Add to that an extraordinary coach/instructor (Orench) who is able to boost me with a technique that’s effective at the same time keeping it energetic and fun. The icing on the cake was also the community feeling I received from staff as well as other members from the moment I walked into the time I walk out I felt as if I was part of the Awaken family." - Harry Blustein (President/CEO)

"Orench Lagman is an extraordinary trainer. I have been training for competitive kayaking and working out for general fitness for more than four decades and have been a fitness instructor for the past 15 years and I have seen and worked with numerous coaches (some working with Olympic athletes) and fitness instructors. Orench is one of the best trainers and instructors I have seen. He is incredibly knowledgeably but what sets him apart is his ability to convey that knowledge to athletes of all levels while inspiring each athlete to perform to his or her best – he gets students to push themselves a little harder than they thought they could while enjoying their workouts and looking forward to the next ones! Orench brings that knowledge, enthusiasm and motivational skill to adult gymnastics and makes one of the best training body workouts accessible to those who did not think they  would be able to do gymnastic strength training." - Lamar Sims (Attorney)

"I have been an active Awaken member for over a year. Health and fitness are vital to me, and I’m always looking for new, unique ways to challenge my body. Thanks to this amazing community-minded program, I continue to be humbled. Awaken continues to show my body that there is so much more it can accomplish. Every class is different from the last; today’s class is a natural progression from the last. Due to the dedicated and amply experienced coaches, I leave each class further refining my technique and slightly stronger than I was yesterday. Goodbye, barbells and dumbbells. Hello, finely coached bodyweight gymnastics moves!" 

-Dave Brigman (Education Professional)

"When I came to my first Adult Gymnastics class it had been over ten years since I had quit the sport as a kid. I didn't know what to expect or if I would even be able to do anything anymore. What I experienced that day was a fun and challenging workout that catered to all levels. The instructor Orench, as well as the other students were so patient and helpful to me as I tried new skills. I have been hooked ever since! It has been about a year since that first class, and I am amazed every day at the leaps and bounds that my strength and skill level have taken. I've never enjoyed weightlifting much, so I always found it hard to maintain muscle strength. The AAG program has given me a way to build more strength than I've ever had, while having a blast at the same time. Awaken includes an amazing tight-knit community of gymnasts and yogis. This facility is the only of its kind that says you don't have to start when you're two or be four foot nothing to train like a gymnast. Awaken sends the message that anyone regardless of age, body type, or fitness level, can start right where they're at and build strength and stability with the combination of gymnastics and yoga!" - Grace Rockwell (Yoga/Gymnastics Instructor, Personal Trainer)

"The sport of Gymnastics is becoming a fitness-craze to take on by adults throughout the US. What sets Awaken and Orench Lagman apart from the rest is his unique approach of gymnastic bodyweight training. Orench brings a variety of gymnastic conditioning methodologies that tackle every facet of fitness components, such as strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility. His ability to tailor the workout for all walks of life is simply incredible. I have seen some of the older clients performing ring strength that blew me away! This proves that the sport of Gymnastics only being for the youth, is a myth! As a friend and a training partner of his for over 15 years, I feel Gymnastics has gotten me into the best shape I have ever been. The members of this community bring joy and fun as well. I will hands-down recommend Awaken. Give it a try! You won't regret it." - Shin Sakurai (Trainer at MS KADEP)

"It has been at least 15 or more years since I have done anything remotely related to gymnastics. When I started at Awaken, I had heard they had a gymnastics class, not knowing what it entailed I joined in. Gymnastics is something that always will stay with you, as I took on a class, I quickly realized how much I missed it! Although I am not as flexible, the classes have been a true testament that strength, as well as flexibility, can both be regained. Orench, as well as Travis, are two of the most encouraging instructors, each week challenge me to do something new. Like when I was a kid, I love to take on the challenge that the gym has brought upon me. I can honestly say, I never thought I would be back on the rings, the mat, or be practicing handstands, however it has brought do much meaning to me.  This gymnastics class is welcoming to all, it's a change of pace and a challenging mentally and physically. It has truly been a rewarding experience that I look forward to with every class!- Kati Arnold (Teacher)

"After a year of training under Orench I have never been stronger, and my body has never been more defined. Gymnastics, by nature, addresses all of the ‘hard to hit’ spots as well as major muscle groups: a true full body workout. And because these movements all have progressions ranging from the most basic to Olympic level feats of strength, I have many years’ worth of improvement in front of me, which is a huge motivator. Orench’s program builds in intensity over the month, which all but eliminates burn out and plateaus I would experience in my normal training. The workouts were so varied I was constantly mixing up muscle groups and my interest never waned. The Icing on the cake has been the gymnastics community that I have been so lucky to plug into over the past year. It is really a great group of people and a great workout." - Travis Daugherty (Logistics Manager)

"I started training with Awaken in December as I was going through a tough period in my life and needed some sort of change and a new challenge. Once I started taking classes I was instantly hooked and began to attend Orench’s classes not only for the intensity and the complete training but because of the awesome community. The facility has a family feel and we are all seeking the same goal of growth. Orench’s positive attitude and motivation pushed myself and I feel strongly about saying everyone around me to want to do more and be better. I then decided to do private sessions to take my training to the next level. I would highly recommend his classes to anyone looking to push their limits to the next level as I have seen positive growth in everyone that has attend his classes, mentally and physically!" - Moses Espinoza (IT Consulting)

"I have trained the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira for over 7 years. I was looking for more to add to my repertoire. I joined Awaken over a year ago and gained so much more than I had anticipated. I have gained gymnastic skills, strength, & balance and the growth is never-ending. Every day I get better with the support of Orench and the Awaken community. The facility offers more than just a workout, and I'll continue to train for years to come." - Bryan Saunders (Account Manager)

"My experience with Orench Lagman of Awaken has been phenomenal! Orench is an amazing and talented trainer. He provides the perfect combination of encouragement and positive reinforcement while providing motivation and drive. I noticed immediate changes in the way my body looks with both strength and flexibility. In addition, these changes have resulted in positives changes in the way I feel and perceive myself." -Amie​ Guerrero (Sr. Account Executive)

"Orench is the best of the best! I have been a client of his for a number of years, both enjoying individual training sessions and a variety of group training sessions with him. In all the years I have been working with him, I have never experienced the same workout twice. Orench has the gift of having an innate understanding of exercise physiology and the individual needs of his clients. His gymnastics-based approach is innovative, fun, and incredibly effective. As a middle-aged white guy trying to fight the demons of injury, aging, and stress, I couldn’t be luckier than to have the privilege of working with the O-Man!!! I couldn’t recommend him more highly!   - Richard A. Harris (President of Law Firm)

"I have trained with Orench for almost 20 years and we have touched on everything from Olympic lifting, balance and cardio conditioning a few injury rehabs to now, gymnastics. There is no doubt that he is the most knowledgeable trainer many of us have ever met. He knows the human body inside and out and how to make it work in the most effective way. As far as I’m concerned there is no one better. Who would think it possible at age 61 (with Rheumatoid Arthritis), to practice gymnastics? It seems anything is possible with Orench. And it’s so much fun. He touches every aspect, mind, body and soul. I’m a much better person because I have Orench in my life. He is by far the best 100% all the way!"Debbie Thom (Executive Administrative Assistant)

"I first came to shoulder prehab at Awaken a few months ago. As a pole dancer, I had very tight shoulders. After my first prehab class I knew this class would make its way into my weekly schedule! Orench has developed a curriculum that is simple and extremely effective. My shoulders are more flexible than ever and I have gained a considerable amount of strength as well. I decided to take Adult Gymnastics solely to improve my handstands. Orench was able to quickly identify that my ribcage alignment and hand positioning was preventing me from a strong handstand. With consistent work I am proud to say that I can now do a handstand on my own with correct form. Awaken has also helped me to increase flexibility through partner stretching. Every polers dream is to nail an Iron X (side lever). Although I am not there just yet, before Awaken it seemed impossible. Orench understands my goals and is able to tailor moves to help me reach them.  As a pole dancer, I want to be flexible but still strong enough to support all my weight while inverting. I feel Orench truly understands the balance I am striving to achieve."Erika Daisy (Education Professional/Teacher)

"Training at Awaken is enjoyable, challenging and rewarding. With consistent practice it is amazing to go through the gymnastic progressions as strength improves. I have been with Awaken for two months and Gymnastics has become my favorite way to strength train. The coaching during classes is phenomenal; each exercise is explained anatomically and progressions are given so that every individual may work on building the necessary strength required to progress. The strength I have gained through gymnastics has complimented my competitive swimming career and also helped me to rebuild build strength following a major injury and keep in shape for the military." -Maddie Weitzner (United States Army)

"Despite my background as a competitive bodybuilder, and an avid skier,  I found myself at 56 in chronic back and neck pain from many years at my job sitting in front of a computer and hip pain from a second ACL tear of my left knee. I was seeing many doctors and therapists, and they all wanted to treat me with therapies designed to address the pain but not what was causing it.  I knew I was at a crossroads – to either accept that I would be on some kind of medication for the rest of my life with limited mobility or take an approach that would heal and strengthen my body structurally.  My sessions with Orench have been the key to achieving this goal. After working with him, I have seen tremendous improvement in my mobility and lessening of my chronic pain. Orench has given me the tools to maintain a healthy body and has challenged me to improve my strength, endurance and flexibility.  He has given me my life back and the gift of the life I want to live in the future." - Peggy Quines (Paralegal) 

"One of the many lessons I've learned at Awaken is that gymnastics is not just for kids. I'm 51, and adult gymnastics has not only shown me my weaknesses and asymmetries, it's then gone on to show me how to heal and correct them, while achieving dramatic strength gains, enhancing the range of motion, and improving agility. I'm moving into my 50s fitter than the vast majority of 30-year-olds I meet! As if this weren't enough, the community of practitioners at Awaken is remarkable - a great bunch of dedicated people, having lots of fun, collaborative and strongly motivated to help each other succeed. Orench has created an environment in which serious fitness and serious fun go hand in hand, an environment that is at once playful, rigorous and intense. He couples astute observation and adjustment skills with an uncanny knack for consistently helping each student to push just beyond where they imagined they could go - and in safety! Top notch, world-class = Awaken: Gymnastics-inspired fitness." - Oz Osborn (Engineer, Permaculturist, Man of Letters)

"Awaken has been one contributing factor to, what has been to date in my life, an unprecedented ascension in fitness and overall well being. Group exercise classes with Orench have, in my experience, included exceptional variation, challenge, and camaraderie. If you are seeking a fun and functional movement addition to including in your wellness practice, I do suggest giving consideration to adult gymnastics!" - Zach Newquist

"After many years of endurance sports along with injuries and body imbalances, I finally had to get serious about hitting the gym. Let me tell you, I was not happy about the prospect of lifting weights! Trotting past Orench’s class a few times, I realized this was the workout for me. In addition to a challenging workout that includes stretching, the gymnastic community is incredibly supportive and available to all ages, sizes and ability levels. Only six months of training under Orench and this is the best I’ve felt in years while having a blast. I was never one with great upper body strength but friends are now telling me I look buff. That’s motivation! Orench is extremely knowledgeable and provides a safe, fun environment where he drives me to perform beyond what I imagined possible. I feel so fortunate that I stumbled upon Orench and the Awaken facility." - Diana Newell (Entrepreneur)

"Orench has been a tremendous help to my shoulders. Having FSH Muscular Dystrophy (weakness in the upper body), I sought him out for guidance in correcting years of misuse of my shoulders due to certain diseased muscles. He listened, tried different approaches, and ultimately helped me create my own program of exercise to work with my condition. I've seen a marked improvement over the months we've worked together, am much more confident of my upper body flexibility and strength, and benefited from Orench's ongoing encouragement and individualized guidance." - Josh Comfort (Active Senior)

"I have worked with Orench for more than 12 years and he consistently stays at the forefront of fitness and wellness. He takes individuals to levels of fitness they didn't know they were capable of." - Joe Schroeter (CEO)

"The greatest benefit Awaken offers is the structure within the program and each class. For those that never did gymnastics when were kids, like myself, as adults, sometimes gymnastics doesn’t come as organic as we wish – at least that has been my experience. The intensity of each Awaken class is pretty high. However, this intensity feels to be tailored to a variety of levels within the same class. Orench encourages the attendees to partner with a more experienced gymnast so you can learn by observation, by helping adjusting your partner, and by trying to explain a progression or an adjustment. Attending these classes and seeing all those impressive progressions, one can say “oh, I can do that!”, and most likely, they will. The biggest issue with this attitude is a potential injury. Awaken focuses on the foundations of gymnastics. By focusing on the gymnastics foundations, one will build strength, alignment, but more important, will become aware of our own physical and mental struggles. Often times, our own physical and mental struggles are the root of our injuries and limitations. If we learn what those physical and mental struggles are, we can work on them.  And that is what I love the most about these classes. Some of us started from zero, but in the long run the benefit is greater." -Jose Cordoba (Engineer)

"Training with Orench is fun and outcome driven. His approach is refreshing and enjoyable. It is not the same old routine every week but each session builds on the prior one.  His sessions are well thought out and he listens to your needs and is adaptable and in the process, I'm having fun and seeing results. He genuinely cares for each one of his students and it shows. Each session contains stretching and the workout. He is comfortable pushing me to my limits. There is an increase in self-confidence and trust that is rarely developed between a trainer and student. I would recommend giving Awaken: Gymnastics-Inspired Fitness a try." -William Haas (Doctor)

"Being a holistic medicine practitioner, I felt I was already very connected to my whole being. However, when I began training with Awaken, I hadn't realized how disconnected my mind was from my body. Simple gymnastics moves seemed next to impossible when I first started due to the lack of focus and the lack of communication between my mind and my body. Orench's training style was thorough, challenging, and so effective in making me stronger as a gymnast. With his expertise and the support of fellow students, I've developed skills necessary to build a strong foundation. When I meet new students, they always ask me if I did gymnastics as a child and how long I've been training. Every time, they are shocked to learn my first experience with gymnastics really was 8 months ago, thanks to Orench and the Awaken community." - Nancy Nguyen (DAOM, LAc, CMT)

"Orench's training has had a huge impact in my life with regards to agility and lack of joint pain. I know that in my late 60's now I'm probably not going to be a gymnast, but the routine we do twice weekly has almost made me think I could. My knees and feet have hurt for years and, at my wife's insistence, I went to a physician to check them out. His advice was Ibuprofen every day ...  for the rest of my life. I was not prepared to go that route. Instead, I train with Orench who has an emphasis on stretching and keeping all joints moving. It has initiated a totally new paradigm for me. I am often aware, in public places, how much more mobile ... (I'd like to say, graceful, but that would be stretching it a little ...) I am than other people my age and even younger. Good work Orench!" -

Arlen J. Hershberger (Veritas Land Management, LLC)

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