Jeff Fialko


Jeff has always had a passion for physical activity. Growing up in the woods northwest of Fort Collins, Colorado, he could be found hiking, climbing trees and rocks, and riding his mountain bike up and down the dirt roads of his small mountain community. In high school, Jeff took up traditional Kung Fu and spent around 6 years practicing. It was here that he learned physical strength, endurance, and mental discipline which he brings to both his practice and coaching at Awaken Gym.


Jeff has always had a passion for self-improvement which is apparent in his other passions: art, music, ongoing readings into philosophy, personal growth, and his passion to constantly learn more about how the human body and mind work.


As a practitioner of gymnastic bodyweight training, Jeff strives to be in body awareness, including paying attention to what it needs to grow stronger, more flexible, and continue training for the long run avoiding injury or burnout.


As a coach, it's his goal to create the best environment possible for students to advance the ways they most need, and to provide the same fitness longevity that everyone deserves.


PROUD to be voted Denver's Best Gym

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